Friday, March 30, 2012

Hair Photo a day by fatmumslim

Another challenge that I shall accomplish. :) 
I actually got amazed with this photo challenge. :) I never really thought that there would be a photo challenge about ... HAIR. I mean, most of the time, photo challenges are about your day, or life, or hobbies, random things and what not. But this one is mainly about HAIR.
Warning though, I don't really like to style my hair a lot. Like I just keep it simple. :)) It's either I tie my hair into a pony tail or not...but with this challenge, I'll try to vary my hairdo a bit.. :))
Wish me luuuck! :) Again. ;)

If you're wondering how's my "MARCH PHOTO CHALLENGE" so faaar...well, I'll be honest. :< I wasn't able to do most of them. :( But I really promise to DO THIS ONE! PROOOMISE! If I don't do this, kill me. (JOOOOKE! ;) ) but really, I'll try my VERY BERRY STRAWBERRY BLUEBERRY BLACKBERRY BURBERRY ALL-THE-BERRY BEST! ;) 

Disclaimer: Sadly, I won't be able to do the 30th one. :( huhu. My mom won't allow me even if it's for a really cause. :( BOO. ;(( But for the sake of this challenge, I will post something. :) Similar to "Donated Hair". :) huhu. I really want to donaaate. :( Maybe when I get old-er, I SHALL DO THAT! :) hmmm :-? Maybe I should add that to my bucket list. :D 

Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Blog Project #3

For my third blog project post, I've chosen my class, IV- Charity. <3 
I've been classmates with these lovely ladies for the past 3 years and every year with them just keeps getting better. :) Among all of the sets of classmates I've been with, it was only in this set of people was I able to express my self freely without anyone judging me. :) I just love how this class accepts you no matter how weird you are, or problematic, or crazy, they still accept you with open arms. I'm super lucky that in my last 3 years in ICA, I was blessed with such lovely, crazy and talented sisters. :")

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Never the Strangers - Moving Closer (Official Close Up theme song)

Hey guuuys! :) Okay, sorry if I posted this a day late. :( I only got my laptop back yesterday so I spent half a day organizing my files and re-downloading some apps that were deleted when they reformatted my laptop. :) hehez. So, I wanna share with you guys this song sang by Never The Strangers, which is a local band here in the Philippines, entitled Moving Closer. :> It's actually a theme song for Close Up, which is a well-known tooth paste brand here. :) haha. At first when I heard this song when the commercial was being aired on TV, I thought it was sang by some indie foreign band, but I was mistaken. :o haha. Well, I hope you guys enjoy listening to this song as much as I did. :)

School's out, Summer's In.

So this is my SECOND "INSPIRATIONAL MONDAY" post. mohoho. 
So, with the heaaat present all over the Philippines, I decided to focus on a theme for this post, which is  SUMMER! :) haha. This might just help me gear up for the endless summer plans and activities that my family and friends have planned for this LOOONG LOOOONG VACAAATIOOON. :))
(All photos are from Pinterest ;) )

Happy summerrrr! :)

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Which means, more time to BLOG BLOG AND OF COURSE, BLOOOOG! :)
Sorry if I haven't been able to update my blog lately. :( I've been busy with yearbook stuff. :( HUHU.
I should have auditioned for layout STAFF instead of EDITOR. :( huhu. TOO MUCH PRESSUUUURE! :'( I'm not even sure if I'm going to be cleared just because of the yearbook shiz. :( HAAAYZ. :<
Anyway, I'm pretty excited for the future posts that I'm gonna blooog. :)) I'll really TRY my best to blog weekly, if not daily. :) Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy your vaca.!!! (for those who are having their summer vaca.)

Friday, March 9, 2012

The Blog Project #2

For my second The Blog Project post, I've decided to post about my Asst. Bebehs "babies" (aka. the COC Is). Okay, so why do I call them "Asst. Bebehs(babies)" ? Well, It's because I'm their Assistant Officer-In Charge in our CAT organization. Though, I just self-proclaimed myself as their Asst. Officer-In Charge, they still treated me like their own mommy, and I really really appreciate that from the bottom-est pit of my heart. <3 hihihi. They were also the first one who gave my ROSES, RED ROSES, for Valentine's Day. Not only that, they also surprised me 2 days before my actual birthday. HIHIHI I will surely miss these lovely bebehs when I go off for college. :( HUHUHUHU. Im really REALLY proud of these people. :) I'm pretty sure that they'll be in good hands next year. :) 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

He Is We - All About Us (Ft Aaron Gillespie)

He Is We- All About Us

I super LALALA-LOOOOVE this song! :)
It reminds me of a father teaching his daughter how to dance. Then gradually, the daughter grows up, falls in love, gets married and have their first dance in front of their guests dancing the dance that her father taught her when she was a kid.
I just really love this song to deaaath! It's the type of song I'd dance to IF EVER I'll get married or if ever there'll be slow dance segment in the future events I'll be going to. :)
I actually imagined a perfect setting for this song! :) haha. The setting that I pictured has a patio with TONS of lights! CHRISTMAS LIGHTS! and candles and mason jars and balloons! The weather would be moderate but more on the cooler side? So it's kinda windy. haha. There's also a beach nearby if ever there's a need to unwind and just have fun. :) HAHAHAA.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Blog Project #1

For my first "The Blog Project" post, I chose my adoring, lovely, super gay SISTUUUHS, Kapisanan. Kapisanan is a filipino word for a guild or a group of people who have the same ideas and purpose in attaining a certain goal. 
With that definition, we named our group "Kapisanan" since we're the type of group who wants things in order and organized in order to achieve our goal, which is to have a successful duty at all times and to revive the "Citizen Advancement Training" (CAT) program in our school, since it's been slowly dying year after year. 
So, why did I chose them as my "first post"? 
In our three years of being together, we've really went through A LOT of ups and downs, trials, highs and lows, tears, joys, laughter, everything. Also, they're the ones who really supported me all the way ever since  we were Sophomores in my school. They're also the ones who helped me in my debut planning! :) If not for them, my debut wouldn't be as organized and as fun. One of the things that I'll miss doing with them is going to Karaoke places and sing our hearts out. LITERALLY!!! It's amazing how we're not ashamed of how ridiculous we sound, as long as we have fun, that's what matters most. I'll also miss GNOs (Girl's Night Outs) with these lovely people! For 3 years, I've spent my CAT life with them and I wouldn't trade that experience for ANYTHING in the world.  I'll surely miss these faces when I go off for college! :( 

Monday, March 5, 2012

March Photo a day by fatmumslim

Okay, so once AGAIN, I'm giving in to a Photo Challenge. :) Based from my experiences in doing these kinds of things, I always ended up not finishing it. But since it's summer here in Manila, I think I'll be able to stick to this. (hopefully). I've already taken 5 photos though, and so far, I haven't lost interest yet, soooo I guess that's a good sign? :)) Wish me luck! :) hihi

Miscellaneous Glitz

   Since it's "INSPIRATIONAL MONDAY", I've canvassed (hunted) for some inspiring photos that actually served as my inspiration for my blog layout. :) 
hope you like them. :)
I think I got inspired because of the color and the lighting effect of the photos (esp. the FIRST ONE @-) ) I can't really explain how, but theses photos really supplied my "creative juice" in creating my blog's layout despite my "layout-er's block" for how many days now. :<
Well, hope you guys got inspired with these photos I posted for today! :)

New Blog, New Post.

   This isn't my first time blogging. :) To be honest, I already had 2-3 blogs before this, but they all turned out to be a failure, so I decided not to continue them anymore. I really hope that I won't loose interest (AGAIN) in updating this blog in the months to come. In this blog, I'm planning it to be a mixture of EVERYTHING! From fashion, to music, to my personal life, to my daily ramblings, to literally ANYTHING UNDER THE SUN. I think you guys can consider this as an online diary, though I'll still remain reserved when it comes to more personal details. :) Hihihi.
   You can read the "ABOUT ME" page to know what to expect in this blog and how I came up with some of the categories like "The Blog Project" and "The Bucket List". Also, please do check out my "photo-blogs" (aka. Tumblr and Pinterest). :)
    I really hope that you guys enjoy checking out my blog. :) I'll really REALLY REALLY try my best to keep this updated weekly, if not daily. :) I'll also try to think of more categories to put in my blog for more "entertainment" I guess? haha. Thank you guys SO SOOO MUCH, in advance for reading and checking out my blog. :) Feel free to comment if you have any suggestions on how to improve my blog, okay? :) Thanks! :)