Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Blog Project #1

For my first "The Blog Project" post, I chose my adoring, lovely, super gay SISTUUUHS, Kapisanan. Kapisanan is a filipino word for a guild or a group of people who have the same ideas and purpose in attaining a certain goal. 
With that definition, we named our group "Kapisanan" since we're the type of group who wants things in order and organized in order to achieve our goal, which is to have a successful duty at all times and to revive the "Citizen Advancement Training" (CAT) program in our school, since it's been slowly dying year after year. 
So, why did I chose them as my "first post"? 
In our three years of being together, we've really went through A LOT of ups and downs, trials, highs and lows, tears, joys, laughter, everything. Also, they're the ones who really supported me all the way ever since  we were Sophomores in my school. They're also the ones who helped me in my debut planning! :) If not for them, my debut wouldn't be as organized and as fun. One of the things that I'll miss doing with them is going to Karaoke places and sing our hearts out. LITERALLY!!! It's amazing how we're not ashamed of how ridiculous we sound, as long as we have fun, that's what matters most. I'll also miss GNOs (Girl's Night Outs) with these lovely people! For 3 years, I've spent my CAT life with them and I wouldn't trade that experience for ANYTHING in the world.  I'll surely miss these faces when I go off for college! :( 

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