Friday, March 9, 2012

The Blog Project #2

For my second The Blog Project post, I've decided to post about my Asst. Bebehs "babies" (aka. the COC Is). Okay, so why do I call them "Asst. Bebehs(babies)" ? Well, It's because I'm their Assistant Officer-In Charge in our CAT organization. Though, I just self-proclaimed myself as their Asst. Officer-In Charge, they still treated me like their own mommy, and I really really appreciate that from the bottom-est pit of my heart. <3 hihihi. They were also the first one who gave my ROSES, RED ROSES, for Valentine's Day. Not only that, they also surprised me 2 days before my actual birthday. HIHIHI I will surely miss these lovely bebehs when I go off for college. :( HUHUHUHU. Im really REALLY proud of these people. :) I'm pretty sure that they'll be in good hands next year. :) 

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