Friday, March 30, 2012

Hair Photo a day by fatmumslim

Another challenge that I shall accomplish. :) 
I actually got amazed with this photo challenge. :) I never really thought that there would be a photo challenge about ... HAIR. I mean, most of the time, photo challenges are about your day, or life, or hobbies, random things and what not. But this one is mainly about HAIR.
Warning though, I don't really like to style my hair a lot. Like I just keep it simple. :)) It's either I tie my hair into a pony tail or not...but with this challenge, I'll try to vary my hairdo a bit.. :))
Wish me luuuck! :) Again. ;)

If you're wondering how's my "MARCH PHOTO CHALLENGE" so faaar...well, I'll be honest. :< I wasn't able to do most of them. :( But I really promise to DO THIS ONE! PROOOMISE! If I don't do this, kill me. (JOOOOKE! ;) ) but really, I'll try my VERY BERRY STRAWBERRY BLUEBERRY BLACKBERRY BURBERRY ALL-THE-BERRY BEST! ;) 

Disclaimer: Sadly, I won't be able to do the 30th one. :( huhu. My mom won't allow me even if it's for a really cause. :( BOO. ;(( But for the sake of this challenge, I will post something. :) Similar to "Donated Hair". :) huhu. I really want to donaaate. :( Maybe when I get old-er, I SHALL DO THAT! :) hmmm :-? Maybe I should add that to my bucket list. :D