Wednesday, March 7, 2012

He Is We - All About Us (Ft Aaron Gillespie)

He Is We- All About Us

I super LALALA-LOOOOVE this song! :)
It reminds me of a father teaching his daughter how to dance. Then gradually, the daughter grows up, falls in love, gets married and have their first dance in front of their guests dancing the dance that her father taught her when she was a kid.
I just really love this song to deaaath! It's the type of song I'd dance to IF EVER I'll get married or if ever there'll be slow dance segment in the future events I'll be going to. :)
I actually imagined a perfect setting for this song! :) haha. The setting that I pictured has a patio with TONS of lights! CHRISTMAS LIGHTS! and candles and mason jars and balloons! The weather would be moderate but more on the cooler side? So it's kinda windy. haha. There's also a beach nearby if ever there's a need to unwind and just have fun. :) HAHAHAA.

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