Monday, March 5, 2012

New Blog, New Post.

   This isn't my first time blogging. :) To be honest, I already had 2-3 blogs before this, but they all turned out to be a failure, so I decided not to continue them anymore. I really hope that I won't loose interest (AGAIN) in updating this blog in the months to come. In this blog, I'm planning it to be a mixture of EVERYTHING! From fashion, to music, to my personal life, to my daily ramblings, to literally ANYTHING UNDER THE SUN. I think you guys can consider this as an online diary, though I'll still remain reserved when it comes to more personal details. :) Hihihi.
   You can read the "ABOUT ME" page to know what to expect in this blog and how I came up with some of the categories like "The Blog Project" and "The Bucket List". Also, please do check out my "photo-blogs" (aka. Tumblr and Pinterest). :)
    I really hope that you guys enjoy checking out my blog. :) I'll really REALLY REALLY try my best to keep this updated weekly, if not daily. :) I'll also try to think of more categories to put in my blog for more "entertainment" I guess? haha. Thank you guys SO SOOO MUCH, in advance for reading and checking out my blog. :) Feel free to comment if you have any suggestions on how to improve my blog, okay? :) Thanks! :)

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