Thursday, April 26, 2012

Singapore through my iPhone's lenses.

Recently, I've been more inclined to taking pictures using my iPhone than using my actual camera. :)) 
Sooo, here are some of the interesting (for me, hoho) photos I took using my phone. I'm still deciding whether or not to post the photos in my camera since most of the photos there are blurry since my mom was the one who kept on taking pictures and stuff. (no offense, mom! :o) So...I'll still edit them, and if the photos turned out great, then I shall post them, if not..then might as well settle for this post! :) hihi. 

Day 1: We ate lunch at Kopitiam which is like a walking distance from our hotel, Bayview. Kopitiam is like a  mini food court with different stalls selling different Chinese/ Malaysian/ Singaporean dishes. My family and I chose a bowl of Beef Noodle soup. *nomnomnom*
Afterwards, we went to Raffles City, where there was a Spring Collection mini fashion show. :) 

Day 2: Day 2 was tiring! LIKE SUPER TIRING! First, we rode the Sentosa Express that goes to Sentosa where in we went to the Underwater World and to Resorts World Sentosa. We ate at this "Malaysian street food" resto there. They had like these houses and lamp posts that really gave off that Malaysian street vibe. Then afterwards, we went to Marina Bay Sands, which is like one of the most expensive hotels in Singapore. :o We didn't stay there, okay? We're not that rich! :))) We just walked around and explored the place. They happened to have a Gong Cha stall there!! I thought they only have it here in Manila! :o haha. 

Day 3: Another tiring day! :)) Only this time, there was some shopping involved! :)) The morning started with me and my mom going to Bugis Street, which is a popular flea market in Singapore. I bought like a pair of shoes and a dress there for a really cheap price! But most of the goods there are like waaay expensive compared here in the Philippines that's why I wasn't able to really shop to my heart's content. :'( HAHA. But I did manage to get some stuff worthy enough to cross out some items in my Summer shopping bucket list. :)) I was really amazed at how each stall was decorated and presented. Like the photo on the 5th row! The stall was decorated with vintage things! From TVs, to mini jukeboxes, to phones, to EVERYTHIIIING! :) 
After that, we went to Marina Bay Sands (again) to watch their light show and to get a glimpse of Singapore's sky line at night. :) Oh, you see that plate set-up over there? The one with the blue and white glass and plate? That's Hermes!!! THE HERMES bags, and other fashion accessories!!! I was shocked that they're already selling plates and utensils and stuff. :))) 

Day 4: The day we went back to MANILAAA. :) The first photo was taken a few minutes after the plane took-off. :)) I was really amazed at the clouds and the vast blue skyyyy! <3 The second photo was taken a few minutes before the plane landed in Manila. :)) I never knew that Manila looked this lovely at night. :)) 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Have a little faith in me- Bon Jovi ft Lea Michele

Have A Little Faith In Me- Bon Jovi ft. Lea Michele 

Hey guuuys! :) 
Sorry if I wasn't able to post lately. :< I just got back from my Singapore trip. :) hihi. It was a more pleasant trip compared to my first Singapore trip, which was like 2 years ago. :)) Soooo, since my parents allowed me to use the internet, despite the fact that we just arrived, I've decided to BLOOOG! :) woohoo! 
Okay, so, for my "welcome back" post, I've decided to post this version of "Have A Little Faith In Me" by Bon Jovi and Lea Michele from the movie "New Year's Eve".

Why this song you ask? :)
The in-flight movie during the flight back here was "New Year's Eve". Luckily, I haven't watched that movie yet, so I really paid close attention to it. haha. I even got a bit teary-eyed at some scenes. :)))) If I were to compare the movies "Valentine's Day" and "New Year's Eve"? I'd go for "New Year's Eve"! :))) hahaha.
Well, I hope you guys enjoy this song! :) haha. Oh and for those who haven't watched the movie, WATCH IT! :> bye loves! :) 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Summer shopping bucket list

It took me weeks as well to think of a Summer shopping bucket list. :< Huhuhu. Well, those aren't really the exact designs that I want. :) Maybe similar (and cheaper) than the ones I posted. :) 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ariana Grande - Put Your Hearts Up

Ariana Grande- Put Your Hearts Up

I've been listening to this song for a week now and I never get tired of listening to it over and over again. I really love lyrics of this song! Especially the line "If we give a little love, maybe we can change the world" Basing it on the situation of our world today, there are like war threats, terrorist attacks, crimes and the like in some parts of the world. Maybe if we show our love to the people, possibly we can make a change in this world. I believe one of the root causes of these problems is the way we treat each other. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy this songs as much as I do, and always remember "If we give a little, maybe we can change the world". ;) 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

One sun shiney, light flashing day...

Yesterday, My friends (Nicole, Rachelle, Jem, and Ge) and I went to Bonifacio High Street; it's this super classy, "elite" kind of place located somewhere in the metro. At first, we planned to have a really serious, vogue-ish but still amateur kind of photoshoot there, but the HEAT and the STARES of passers-by kinda didn't permit us to do so. BUT, we do stop at certain areas where the scenery is nice and when there are LESS people passing by, so basically, we still had our photoshoot but with less number of photos taken compared to the number of photos that either me, Nicole or Jem take whenever we have photoshoots. So, here are some of the photos of our mini photoshoot+adventure that day. :) 
I really had fun with these lovely ladies! :) Who knew that "partying" by the water fountain is fun... :-" (referring to the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th photo, hoho) I really wish I could do more of these with them especially that we're off to college in a few months. :< I can really say that, yesterday was one of the MOST fun SUMMER DAYS EVER. :) Looking forward to bonding with them in the weeks to come. :) 

Monday, April 16, 2012

Light as a Pastel.

Pastel seems to be the trend nowadays. 
So, I've gathered some "pastel-y" colored stuff for you guys to see and hopefully it will inspire you! May it be in your style, or blog or space, or anything. :) 

All photos are from Pinterest

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Things I love

I know it's a day late for this post, but as the saying goes "it's better late than never", right? :) Okay, so for my FIRST "Things I love" post, SIX pretty things caught my attention. 
Soooo, here's a rundown of those things. :) I hope you guys like it.
Disclaimer: All photos are found on Pinterest.
ONE. I just super love this "anatomy" of a cupcake. JUST LOVE IT. :)) It made me giggle the first time I saw this picture. :)) 
TWO. NEON PEEP-TOE PUMPS! :") *SHRIEK* hihi. I super love these superly uberly neon pumps. @-) Though, they're PRETTY PRICEY...hahha. Might as well settle in for an alternative. :) 
THREE. I love the color and the style of this baaag. HOLYMOLLLY. @-) (something to add on my shopping list, DEFINITELY)
FOUR. Loving the geometric patterns of this one! :) Also the color combo too! It gives out that Aztec-vibe. hihi
FIVE. While checking out the current popular pins on Pinterest, I came across this wonderful DIY by Design Sponge. :) I really wish I could make a bunch of those so that I can use them as props if ever my friends and I will have a nature-themed or an Alice in Wonderland-themed photoshoot. :') 8->
SIX. Another interesting DIY that I found on Pinterest last night. What do you do if you have a pair of old, dull shorts that you just want to get rid off, YOU PIMP 'EM! From this DIY project, you can turn your old pair of short from plain boring, to something loud, fierce and edgyyy. :) 

My Summer bucket list

Hey guys! :) I know this is kinda late since summer
started a couple of weeks ago, but I've only
finalized my summer bucket list just this week after
weeks of having an "internal debate" with myself
on what to put and what not to put and which one
to prioritize more. So, I'll just give a brief 
explanation as to why I chose these activities as a
part of my summer bucket list. :)

ONE.  I've actually went out of town with my class
this summer, but I really SUPER DUPER WANNA
go to Enchanted Kingdom with my friends for one
last time. I actually went out with some of my close 
friends back in summer 08...I think. :)) AND IT WAS SUPER FUUUUN! Like we kept on
riding this ride called the "Rio Grande rapids" 5 times in a raw also the "Jungle Log Jam" which has 2 drops, the first drop is not that steep while the second drop is SUPER STEEP that while we're being dropped, I can feel my heart dropping. LITERALLY! But it was super fuuun! :)) 

TWO. As you can see in my recent posts, I'm currently having photoshoot gigs this summer! Speaking of which I'm actually scheduled to do 2 photoshoots this month and 1 photoshoot on May! :) HAHA.Thou they're just for fun's sake. :) Nothing professional involved or anything. So, to take advantage of these shoots, I'm really hoping that one of my friends would be delighted to have a boho themed shoot this summer. :)

THREE.  I just need something new in my closet. hihi. AND BESIDES, I'm gonna be in college this coming school year. :) NEW SCHOOL=NEW LIFE=NEW CLOTHES, right? 

FOUR. I've done a couple of (amateur) music videos or just plain videos in general as a surprise gift for a friend or just to kill the boredom. I've actually done 2 music videos 2 years ago together with my friend, Aina, and we really enjoyed it! I'm really hoping to make another video this summer, with more PROPS AND DRAMA AND EVERYTHIIING! :)

FIVE. I don't bake. PERIOD. So this will really be a HUGE accomplishment for me and my mom if I get to back a cake. But I'm keeping an eye on baking this scrumptious beauty. :) nomnomnom.

SIX. I'm actually in the process of doing this. YEY! :) My dad is even helping me look for a new cam. :) He's thinking of getting me either a Nikon D(something) or a Canon EOS 600D/ 60D. :) haha. But what I really really waaaant is this gorgeous babyyy. Fishy but catchy...(HUWAAAT) hahaha. 

SEVEN. The reason why I included this in my list is because I have a total of 3 books left to read. Namely, The Hunger Games, Dash and Lily's Book of Dares and Will Grayson, Will Grayson. HAHA

EIGHT. I've been gaining pounds lately. :( HUHUHUHU Now, It's time to shred 10 of 'em off! :))) or maybe more. :-" Gonna get my beach bod readyyyy (TSSSK. YEAH ROOIGHT. :-j)

NINE. My fave iPhone app. game, Tiny Tower. :)) THEY'RE JUST SOOO ADORABLE!! =)) HAHA I'm currently working on 60 floors with a super slow elevator. :( HUHU. It's actually fun playing tiny tower. There's like a variety of shops and all. I'm currently loving the Planetarium and the Haunted House. :)) I'm kinda hoping that one day, there'll be a REAL (tiny) TOWER that has everything in it! From Planetariums to restos to residences and all. That will be sooo fuuun! @-) 

TEN.  I'm currently making a doll house out of a shoe box. :)) So far, I've just divided the box into "rooms". Haven't really thought of the furniture or the walls yet and stuff. HIHI, So excited for the finish product. :) 

I really hope that I get to finish this list. I will fill SUPER DUPER IMMENSELY ACCOMPLISHED if I get to finish all of these. :)) HAHA. Wish me luck. :D

PS. Whoopsies. :O typo on the "loose". =)) it should LOSE. not loose. ;)) 

Thursday, April 12, 2012


So, today, I did an army-themed photoshoot for my friends Aina and Justine, who are also my co-officers in CAT. :) I really had fun in this photoshoot despite the pesky flies and bugs swarming around the place and the unbearable HEAAAT and of course the numerous number of eyes looking at either me, Aina or Justine (well, mostly on them :o hoho). 
I kinda edited some of the photos and added a light leak effect on it to make it look more...I don't know...nice? haha. Well, I hope you guys like ittt! :))) Oh and just another clarification, THEY ARE NOT PROFESSIONAL MODELS, okay? :) Although, they kinda look like pros, right? :) 

Hair and Make-Up: Aina
Attire: (their own attire)
Photographed by: me 
Models: Aina & Justine

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ed Sheeran - Lego House

Ed Sheeran- Lego House

The first time I saw this music video, I thought that Rupert Grint was the one who's really singing, because at that time I had no clue who Ed Sheeran really is and at some angle, they kinda look a like. :)) But then when I watched the making of this music video, the concept became clearer to me and I actually find it really funny. Like while I was watching the behind the scenes video, I was laughing my heart out. I really didn't know why it had that effect on me, but it made me laugh for 2 mins. straight non-stop. Other than that, I really like this song. The lyrics is clear and you can really feel the depth of the song and the message that it wants to send out to the people who're listening to this song. :) I really hope you guys like it as well. :)

The Blog Project #5

(Top: Kim, Geraldine, Jemilie, Ms. Mendoza (my teacher, NOT a part of the Charity 'kada hehe), Nicole, Bottom: Rachelle, me and Talia)

Okay, sooo, I want you guys to meet my other group of friends which is the "Charity 'Kada". It's called Charity 'Kada because Charity is the name of our class, and 'Kada is a shortcut for the word "Barkada" which means a clique or a group of friends. We've been through A LOOOOOT of drama especially this year, but despite that, we learned how to forgive and forget. It's kinda sad that we didn't really had a chance to hang-out through out the school year because of this certain drama we have with the ExtendedNameless 'kada (its my other kada with this group+5 other guys). But then at the latter part of the year, we started to eat recess together and play cards like UNO, Cluedo, and Monopoly deal, so that kinda rekindled our friendship back. I'll really miss this group. It was only in this group did I feel that I actually belong somewhere. They also helped me embrace my inner-me(ness). Before I met them, I wasn't that optimistic nor was I that bubbly and gay. Through them, I found that "spark" that I've been looking for for almost 18 years. I really hope that even if 2 of them will study in Ateneo, 2 of them will study in DLSU and 1 will study in CSB, and of course me in UE, I hope that we still get to hang-out once in a while, have a game of laser tag or stroll around Eastwood like we do most of the time. :) 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Blog Project #4

(from left to right: Jemilie, me, Louise and Frances)
Sorry if I haven't been consistent in the "The Blog Project" project. (sorry for the redundancy of the "the the" and the "project project".) huhu. Anyway, so, another bunch of people that I will SURELY miss will be my Kwento "gossiping, chatting, catching-up" Session (KS) girlaloos. I've known these lovely b*itches (sorry for my language, but that's what we call each other most of the time.. :o) for 6 years. We became classmates  when we were in the 6th grade. 
At first, Frances and I didn't really had a good start. But then eventually, we became really close friends.
 As for Louise, coincidentally, her mom and my dad were school mates in this dental school. What makes it even MORE coincidental is that both of us will be taking dentistry as well, only in a different university. (huhu). ALSO, BOTH OF US LOOOVE DREAM CATCHERS! Only, she's a tad bit MORE obsessed than I am. hoho
As for Jemilie, she had been my classmate until my last year in school. We're also a part of another group which is the ExtendedNameless 'kada (which I will post about tomorrow. ;) ) 
One thing that I'll really miss with these people is having our "KS" in Louise's house once a year. huhu. I really wish that even if we're in college, and we have different crowds and set of friends, I still wish that we keep that "tradition" we have every year. 

Monday, April 9, 2012

Eat. Pray. Love (+Sleep)

Last April 5-7, my family and I went to Lucban, Quezon to celebrate Holy Week this year. Lucban is a really small SMALL province that is slowly becoming modern. Like before they didn't have cabled TV and there was no hotel, so we had to stay in this house that's being renovated. If I remember it correctly, the room that we slept in had NO matresses, NO aircon, NO electric fan, and NO light. That's why I was a bit hesitant to go back to Lucban for the 2nd time, but LUCKILY there's a hotel, there's also aircon, cabled TV and wifi (in the lobby). So, here are the photos that I took from my phone, I won't be posting the photos I took from my camera 'cause I'm kinda not planning to upload them on Facebook or even import them on my laptop. (haha) 
*Photos were taken using LEME LEME
The "Pasyon" we sang during Holy Thursday.
A "Pasyon" is actually a book containing the Passion of Christ. What's unique about this book is you don't read it, but you sing it. There are like 210+ pages, around 14 verses per page, and people will have to FINISH ALL OF THOSE 210+++ PAGES IN ONE NIGHT. But then since we had to leave early the next day, we just sang 125 pages of the book. :) It was actually my first time singing the Pasyon. Normally, in the olden times, adults are the ones who usually sing this in a reallllly slow pace. But then, maybe due to modernization, the beat of the Pasyon started to have a faster pace to encourage teens (like me and my cousins) to sing the Pasyon...which we did. :)

The ceiling decoration in the lobby of Patio Rizal (the hotel we stayed in) 

A HUUUUGE STATUE OF JESUS at the peak of "Kamay ni Hesus" (Hands of Jesus).
We went through SWEAT, HEAT, 500+++ STAIRS in order to reach the peak of Kamay ni Hesus. At first, I thought I wouldn't make it, because the place was CROWDED and the steps were kinda huge, but then OF COURSE I didn't give (cause none of us did. :-") and in the end, it was actually worth it. :D

Hanging out with the youngest member of our family, baby Josue. :) 

Pancit Hab-hab (not sure of the spelling). I think it's a delicacy in Lucban. They actually have a funny way of eating it. Instead of using utensils, you have to eat it right from you hand. But of course it's served in a plastic of banana leaf so that your hands won't get oily. :)) 

The Senior. (love you, J! BIL!) 

So basically, that's what pretty much happened during Holy Week. I really had fun, eating, chatting with my cousins, walking, sleeping and praying. Through this experience, I've been reminded of my faith in God and that through Him, EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. :) 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cher Lloyd - Want U Back ft. Astro

Cher Lloyd- Want U Back

Usually, I only post 1 song for "Tuned-Up Wednesday", but when I heard Cher Lloyd's "Want U Back", I just had to post this NOW. LIKE, RIGHT NOW. :)) I immediately fell in loooove with this song and the video. I JUST LOOOOVE IT!!!! HAHAHAHA. I feel like a fan girl whenever I listen to Cher Lloyd's songs! hihi. She's just sooo cooool and sooo awesooome. :))
HOORAH for Brit. singers!!! :) 

All I Ever Wanted - Brian Melo

All I Ever Wanted- Brian Melo
I never really knew that this song exists until I was searching for some random songs on Youtube yesterday. :))
The moment I heard the intro of this song, I knew right away that this would be my next "Tuned-Up Wednesday" post. :)  This song actually reminded me of my graduation which happened more than a week ago. I don't really know why, but when I listened to this song, memories from my graduation suddenly hit my head. huhu. I'm so gonna miss my school, batch mates, school mates, friends, teachers, EVERYTHING. :( 

Monday, April 2, 2012


So last March. 26, I did this photoshoot "gig." for my friend, Nicole. I don't really have good photography skills but I'm actually happy with the results of these pictures. :o hihi. I really had fun in this photoshoot. If there's one thing I learned from this experience, that is to not stick to one angle. Don't make the model do the adjustments all the time, you adjust yourself as well. :) Also, SET YOUR CAMERA ON A CONTINUOUS SHUTTER SPEED MODE AND MAKE YOUR MODEL MOVE CONTINUOUSLY. :) You'll be getting 10 really good pictures out of like 20-30 shots. :)) So, I'll be showing you guys 5 out of THOUSANDS of photos that me and Jem took. :) 
  So without any further ado, I present to you guys, Animalistic. :)

Hair and Make-Up: (some done by the models themselves), Nicole & Jemilie
Attire: Nicole & Michelle Lim
Photographed by: Ann (me) & Jemilie
Models: Andrea, Alaina, Katy, Korina, Tanya, Kara (photos are not here) and Maryss (photos are not here)