Thursday, April 12, 2012


So, today, I did an army-themed photoshoot for my friends Aina and Justine, who are also my co-officers in CAT. :) I really had fun in this photoshoot despite the pesky flies and bugs swarming around the place and the unbearable HEAAAT and of course the numerous number of eyes looking at either me, Aina or Justine (well, mostly on them :o hoho). 
I kinda edited some of the photos and added a light leak effect on it to make it look more...I don't know...nice? haha. Well, I hope you guys like ittt! :))) Oh and just another clarification, THEY ARE NOT PROFESSIONAL MODELS, okay? :) Although, they kinda look like pros, right? :) 

Hair and Make-Up: Aina
Attire: (their own attire)
Photographed by: me 
Models: Aina & Justine

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