Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Blog Project #4

(from left to right: Jemilie, me, Louise and Frances)
Sorry if I haven't been consistent in the "The Blog Project" project. (sorry for the redundancy of the "the the" and the "project project".) huhu. Anyway, so, another bunch of people that I will SURELY miss will be my Kwento "gossiping, chatting, catching-up" Session (KS) girlaloos. I've known these lovely b*itches (sorry for my language, but that's what we call each other most of the time.. :o) for 6 years. We became classmates  when we were in the 6th grade. 
At first, Frances and I didn't really had a good start. But then eventually, we became really close friends.
 As for Louise, coincidentally, her mom and my dad were school mates in this dental school. What makes it even MORE coincidental is that both of us will be taking dentistry as well, only in a different university. (huhu). ALSO, BOTH OF US LOOOVE DREAM CATCHERS! Only, she's a tad bit MORE obsessed than I am. hoho
As for Jemilie, she had been my classmate until my last year in school. We're also a part of another group which is the ExtendedNameless 'kada (which I will post about tomorrow. ;) ) 
One thing that I'll really miss with these people is having our "KS" in Louise's house once a year. huhu. I really wish that even if we're in college, and we have different crowds and set of friends, I still wish that we keep that "tradition" we have every year. 

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