Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Blog Project #5

(Top: Kim, Geraldine, Jemilie, Ms. Mendoza (my teacher, NOT a part of the Charity 'kada hehe), Nicole, Bottom: Rachelle, me and Talia)

Okay, sooo, I want you guys to meet my other group of friends which is the "Charity 'Kada". It's called Charity 'Kada because Charity is the name of our class, and 'Kada is a shortcut for the word "Barkada" which means a clique or a group of friends. We've been through A LOOOOOT of drama especially this year, but despite that, we learned how to forgive and forget. It's kinda sad that we didn't really had a chance to hang-out through out the school year because of this certain drama we have with the ExtendedNameless 'kada (its my other kada with this group+5 other guys). But then at the latter part of the year, we started to eat recess together and play cards like UNO, Cluedo, and Monopoly deal, so that kinda rekindled our friendship back. I'll really miss this group. It was only in this group did I feel that I actually belong somewhere. They also helped me embrace my inner-me(ness). Before I met them, I wasn't that optimistic nor was I that bubbly and gay. Through them, I found that "spark" that I've been looking for for almost 18 years. I really hope that even if 2 of them will study in Ateneo, 2 of them will study in DLSU and 1 will study in CSB, and of course me in UE, I hope that we still get to hang-out once in a while, have a game of laser tag or stroll around Eastwood like we do most of the time. :) 

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