Monday, April 9, 2012

Eat. Pray. Love (+Sleep)

Last April 5-7, my family and I went to Lucban, Quezon to celebrate Holy Week this year. Lucban is a really small SMALL province that is slowly becoming modern. Like before they didn't have cabled TV and there was no hotel, so we had to stay in this house that's being renovated. If I remember it correctly, the room that we slept in had NO matresses, NO aircon, NO electric fan, and NO light. That's why I was a bit hesitant to go back to Lucban for the 2nd time, but LUCKILY there's a hotel, there's also aircon, cabled TV and wifi (in the lobby). So, here are the photos that I took from my phone, I won't be posting the photos I took from my camera 'cause I'm kinda not planning to upload them on Facebook or even import them on my laptop. (haha) 
*Photos were taken using LEME LEME
The "Pasyon" we sang during Holy Thursday.
A "Pasyon" is actually a book containing the Passion of Christ. What's unique about this book is you don't read it, but you sing it. There are like 210+ pages, around 14 verses per page, and people will have to FINISH ALL OF THOSE 210+++ PAGES IN ONE NIGHT. But then since we had to leave early the next day, we just sang 125 pages of the book. :) It was actually my first time singing the Pasyon. Normally, in the olden times, adults are the ones who usually sing this in a reallllly slow pace. But then, maybe due to modernization, the beat of the Pasyon started to have a faster pace to encourage teens (like me and my cousins) to sing the Pasyon...which we did. :)

The ceiling decoration in the lobby of Patio Rizal (the hotel we stayed in) 

A HUUUUGE STATUE OF JESUS at the peak of "Kamay ni Hesus" (Hands of Jesus).
We went through SWEAT, HEAT, 500+++ STAIRS in order to reach the peak of Kamay ni Hesus. At first, I thought I wouldn't make it, because the place was CROWDED and the steps were kinda huge, but then OF COURSE I didn't give (cause none of us did. :-") and in the end, it was actually worth it. :D

Hanging out with the youngest member of our family, baby Josue. :) 

Pancit Hab-hab (not sure of the spelling). I think it's a delicacy in Lucban. They actually have a funny way of eating it. Instead of using utensils, you have to eat it right from you hand. But of course it's served in a plastic of banana leaf so that your hands won't get oily. :)) 

The Senior. (love you, J! BIL!) 

So basically, that's what pretty much happened during Holy Week. I really had fun, eating, chatting with my cousins, walking, sleeping and praying. Through this experience, I've been reminded of my faith in God and that through Him, EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. :) 

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