Monday, April 2, 2012

La Vie Boheme!

I'm feeling the "boho vibe" all over agaaain. :)) HIHI. I just love everything INDIE AND BOHO. JUST LOOOOVE IT! <3 haha. Anyway, I hope you guys get inspired with these boho- ish photos I found on Pinterest. :) I really got inspired with these photos while I was looking for a theme for my debut last year. :)) So, if you guys are interested for a Native American or Indie or Boho - inspired party, just message me. :> hihi. (kidding) haha. Im NO expert in these things, I had to seek help from tons of event decorators just to really give me a CLEARER view of what a boho themed party will be like. =)) HAHA. Well, have fun looking at these photos. :) They're only a few though. :( Sorry. :< 

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