Sunday, April 15, 2012

My Summer bucket list

Hey guys! :) I know this is kinda late since summer
started a couple of weeks ago, but I've only
finalized my summer bucket list just this week after
weeks of having an "internal debate" with myself
on what to put and what not to put and which one
to prioritize more. So, I'll just give a brief 
explanation as to why I chose these activities as a
part of my summer bucket list. :)

ONE.  I've actually went out of town with my class
this summer, but I really SUPER DUPER WANNA
go to Enchanted Kingdom with my friends for one
last time. I actually went out with some of my close 
friends back in summer 08...I think. :)) AND IT WAS SUPER FUUUUN! Like we kept on
riding this ride called the "Rio Grande rapids" 5 times in a raw also the "Jungle Log Jam" which has 2 drops, the first drop is not that steep while the second drop is SUPER STEEP that while we're being dropped, I can feel my heart dropping. LITERALLY! But it was super fuuun! :)) 

TWO. As you can see in my recent posts, I'm currently having photoshoot gigs this summer! Speaking of which I'm actually scheduled to do 2 photoshoots this month and 1 photoshoot on May! :) HAHA.Thou they're just for fun's sake. :) Nothing professional involved or anything. So, to take advantage of these shoots, I'm really hoping that one of my friends would be delighted to have a boho themed shoot this summer. :)

THREE.  I just need something new in my closet. hihi. AND BESIDES, I'm gonna be in college this coming school year. :) NEW SCHOOL=NEW LIFE=NEW CLOTHES, right? 

FOUR. I've done a couple of (amateur) music videos or just plain videos in general as a surprise gift for a friend or just to kill the boredom. I've actually done 2 music videos 2 years ago together with my friend, Aina, and we really enjoyed it! I'm really hoping to make another video this summer, with more PROPS AND DRAMA AND EVERYTHIIING! :)

FIVE. I don't bake. PERIOD. So this will really be a HUGE accomplishment for me and my mom if I get to back a cake. But I'm keeping an eye on baking this scrumptious beauty. :) nomnomnom.

SIX. I'm actually in the process of doing this. YEY! :) My dad is even helping me look for a new cam. :) He's thinking of getting me either a Nikon D(something) or a Canon EOS 600D/ 60D. :) haha. But what I really really waaaant is this gorgeous babyyy. Fishy but catchy...(HUWAAAT) hahaha. 

SEVEN. The reason why I included this in my list is because I have a total of 3 books left to read. Namely, The Hunger Games, Dash and Lily's Book of Dares and Will Grayson, Will Grayson. HAHA

EIGHT. I've been gaining pounds lately. :( HUHUHUHU Now, It's time to shred 10 of 'em off! :))) or maybe more. :-" Gonna get my beach bod readyyyy (TSSSK. YEAH ROOIGHT. :-j)

NINE. My fave iPhone app. game, Tiny Tower. :)) THEY'RE JUST SOOO ADORABLE!! =)) HAHA I'm currently working on 60 floors with a super slow elevator. :( HUHU. It's actually fun playing tiny tower. There's like a variety of shops and all. I'm currently loving the Planetarium and the Haunted House. :)) I'm kinda hoping that one day, there'll be a REAL (tiny) TOWER that has everything in it! From Planetariums to restos to residences and all. That will be sooo fuuun! @-) 

TEN.  I'm currently making a doll house out of a shoe box. :)) So far, I've just divided the box into "rooms". Haven't really thought of the furniture or the walls yet and stuff. HIHI, So excited for the finish product. :) 

I really hope that I get to finish this list. I will fill SUPER DUPER IMMENSELY ACCOMPLISHED if I get to finish all of these. :)) HAHA. Wish me luck. :D

PS. Whoopsies. :O typo on the "loose". =)) it should LOSE. not loose. ;)) 

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