Thursday, April 26, 2012

Singapore through my iPhone's lenses.

Recently, I've been more inclined to taking pictures using my iPhone than using my actual camera. :)) 
Sooo, here are some of the interesting (for me, hoho) photos I took using my phone. I'm still deciding whether or not to post the photos in my camera since most of the photos there are blurry since my mom was the one who kept on taking pictures and stuff. (no offense, mom! :o) So...I'll still edit them, and if the photos turned out great, then I shall post them, if not..then might as well settle for this post! :) hihi. 

Day 1: We ate lunch at Kopitiam which is like a walking distance from our hotel, Bayview. Kopitiam is like a  mini food court with different stalls selling different Chinese/ Malaysian/ Singaporean dishes. My family and I chose a bowl of Beef Noodle soup. *nomnomnom*
Afterwards, we went to Raffles City, where there was a Spring Collection mini fashion show. :) 

Day 2: Day 2 was tiring! LIKE SUPER TIRING! First, we rode the Sentosa Express that goes to Sentosa where in we went to the Underwater World and to Resorts World Sentosa. We ate at this "Malaysian street food" resto there. They had like these houses and lamp posts that really gave off that Malaysian street vibe. Then afterwards, we went to Marina Bay Sands, which is like one of the most expensive hotels in Singapore. :o We didn't stay there, okay? We're not that rich! :))) We just walked around and explored the place. They happened to have a Gong Cha stall there!! I thought they only have it here in Manila! :o haha. 

Day 3: Another tiring day! :)) Only this time, there was some shopping involved! :)) The morning started with me and my mom going to Bugis Street, which is a popular flea market in Singapore. I bought like a pair of shoes and a dress there for a really cheap price! But most of the goods there are like waaay expensive compared here in the Philippines that's why I wasn't able to really shop to my heart's content. :'( HAHA. But I did manage to get some stuff worthy enough to cross out some items in my Summer shopping bucket list. :)) I was really amazed at how each stall was decorated and presented. Like the photo on the 5th row! The stall was decorated with vintage things! From TVs, to mini jukeboxes, to phones, to EVERYTHIIIING! :) 
After that, we went to Marina Bay Sands (again) to watch their light show and to get a glimpse of Singapore's sky line at night. :) Oh, you see that plate set-up over there? The one with the blue and white glass and plate? That's Hermes!!! THE HERMES bags, and other fashion accessories!!! I was shocked that they're already selling plates and utensils and stuff. :))) 

Day 4: The day we went back to MANILAAA. :) The first photo was taken a few minutes after the plane took-off. :)) I was really amazed at the clouds and the vast blue skyyyy! <3 The second photo was taken a few minutes before the plane landed in Manila. :)) I never knew that Manila looked this lovely at night. :)) 


  1. Wow! Looks like such an adventurous and amazing time! Such great pictures you took, too. Every time I go somewhere awesome, I forget to take pictures along the way and end up kicking myself for it later. haha :)
    I'm loving your blog, by the way! The posts, header, and design - everything is just lovely :)

    xo, Samantha

    1. Hi, Samantha! :)
      thaaanks sooo much! :") glad you enjoyed reading this post as well as looking at the photos. :) hihi