Sunday, April 15, 2012

Things I love

I know it's a day late for this post, but as the saying goes "it's better late than never", right? :) Okay, so for my FIRST "Things I love" post, SIX pretty things caught my attention. 
Soooo, here's a rundown of those things. :) I hope you guys like it.
Disclaimer: All photos are found on Pinterest.
ONE. I just super love this "anatomy" of a cupcake. JUST LOVE IT. :)) It made me giggle the first time I saw this picture. :)) 
TWO. NEON PEEP-TOE PUMPS! :") *SHRIEK* hihi. I super love these superly uberly neon pumps. @-) Though, they're PRETTY PRICEY...hahha. Might as well settle in for an alternative. :) 
THREE. I love the color and the style of this baaag. HOLYMOLLLY. @-) (something to add on my shopping list, DEFINITELY)
FOUR. Loving the geometric patterns of this one! :) Also the color combo too! It gives out that Aztec-vibe. hihi
FIVE. While checking out the current popular pins on Pinterest, I came across this wonderful DIY by Design Sponge. :) I really wish I could make a bunch of those so that I can use them as props if ever my friends and I will have a nature-themed or an Alice in Wonderland-themed photoshoot. :') 8->
SIX. Another interesting DIY that I found on Pinterest last night. What do you do if you have a pair of old, dull shorts that you just want to get rid off, YOU PIMP 'EM! From this DIY project, you can turn your old pair of short from plain boring, to something loud, fierce and edgyyy. :) 

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