Monday, May 7, 2012

A blast from the past.

 I used to make typograhies and word art when my photoshop was still in awesome shape. :)) I experiment with various brushes, colors, fonts, and so much more. I really miss making these things. Although they're not really as nice and as pretty as to those works of people who really master this kind of art, I'm really proud of these things that I made and I hope that you guys appreciate them as well. :) 
 I think this is my first "word art". :) 
words came from the song "Superman" by Joe Brooks
You don't really need to be good in Photoshop in order to make these kinds of things. With a curious mind and creative spirit, you'll be able to make these (most prolly more gorgeous ones than these) in no time. :)
Well, I hope you guys have an inspired Monday! :) 

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