Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Blog Project #6

(First photo; left-right: Robert, Geraldine, Charles, Rachelle, Hans, Me, Kim, Jemilie, Lance, Irben.
Second Photo; left-right; guys: Robert, Irben, Hughes(not really a part of the Extended Nameless), Lance, Kevin(also not a part of the Extended Nameless). girls: Rachelle, Jemilie, Nicole, Me, Geraldine) *whew* that's a looot.

Sorry. :( I know it has been a really long time ever since my last Blog Project post, but as I always say in my posts, It's better late than never, riiight?
Moving on, obviously there are two photos in this post. The reason for such is because we don't have a COMPLETE photo together. We do have 1 complete photo but it's no where to be found, so instead I combined 2 photos so that it's gonna be "complete". Okay so I want you guys to meet my Extended Nameless barkada. Why "Extended Nameless" you ask? Extended because the guys aren't from my school but from the school next it, which is Xavier. Nameless because, we couldn't think of a name to name our group, so instead we named ourselves the Extended Nameless. (yeaaaah, I know its weird haha)
Even if we have a really weird name, I will surely miss these lovely people (except for the guys..hoho kidding). This year, we rarely bond as a group. We only get to meet up during debuts, surprise parties or school events like the school fair, graduation ball and the like. I really miss our bonding sessions last year. If I remember it correctly, they were the first group whom I played bowling with and it was super fun! I'll also miss planning surprises with them esp. those surprise performances, like what we did for a friend's debut and what they did for my debut. :) I'm really glad that I came to know these people, even if some of them are a bunch of gay baboons (THE GUYS), they added a little thrill and splatter in my life.