Thursday, May 31, 2012

CHERin' it up.

Last Monday, me and Nicole did a Cher Lloyd-inspired photoshoot. I really had fun in this shoot mainly because it's inspired by ONE OF MY FAVORITE SINGERS, Cher Lloyd (HIHIHI, fan girl moment) and also I get to bond with Nicole whom I won't be able to see/ talk/ bond with for a couple of months since she'll be studying in another university. At first there was a problem with the background. Since my room isn't that spacious and doesn't have a solid colored wall, we decided to put up drapes. But that kinda failed since the string wasn't able to hold the cloth for a long period of time. So we decided to tape the cloth on my closet, but the problem was, it was too short so we had to look for more cloths so that it could at least cover the parts that are needed to be covered such as my mirror, closet handle, etc.
Well, I hope you guys like the photos and the effects I added on the photos. :) (yey for photoshop!) Please doooo comment if you think I should improve on something! :) Your suggestions and comments will be highly appreciated. :) Thank you!
Hair and Make-Up: Nicole
Attire: (her own attire)
Photographed by: Me
Model: Nicole


  1. This is adorable! I love that pink shirt :)

    1. Hi Erin! :)
      haha thanks thanks! :) I'm pretty sure my friend will be delighted to know that you love her pink her shirt. HAHA.