Sunday, May 6, 2012

Things I love

Hey guys!
sorry if I haven't been updating my blog lately. :( huhu. I've been pretty busy with this surprise party that my friends and I prepared for two of our friends. haha. I know it's kinda a day late already...but then again, it's better late than never, right? :) huhu.
 So moving on, as you can see, I've spotted 8 things I like, all coming from Pinterest. :))

1:  I super love the intricate designs and bead work of  this necklace by OOAKjewelz. It's sooo boho.
2: Okay. this is just soooooo coool! I mean, I could never imagine that you could actually use glow sticks as substitute to the reg. sticks that you see on cotton candies. This is just mind blowing
3: I'm not really a fan of mullet type skirts or dresses, but this one can be an exemption. I super looove the color, the gold sequined part in the shoulder area. I just loooove it.
4: I LOVE SPARKLY PUMPS. I used a pair of black sparkly ones during my graduation ball.
5: I just find these sooo adorable.
6: A lovely turquoise bib necklace by Kate Spade. (oh that's gonna be pricey, dang.)
7: I never considered dyeing my hair except maybe when I get older and have more white hair strands than black ones. But this hair color really amazes me, only a few people can pull off a hair color like that and she actually nailed it! 
8: I just find this idea really cute and adorable. It kinda takes you back to the old times when people used lamps and not flashlights or street lights as their source of light at night. It can also add detail to the room or to a party if you can't think of any more decorations to put on.

So, there you have it. My list of Things I love/ like for this Sunday.
I'm really sorry for the delay. I'll really try to make it up to guys, promise!
Feel free to read this post and my other posts & you can comment if you want, whether it's bad or good. I can take criticisms, don't worry. haha
Well, I hope you guys enjoy reading/ looking at this post.

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