Sunday, May 20, 2012

Things I love

Hey loves! :)
I just got back from a 2-day; 1 night family trip to Laguna. It was a really tiring yet fantastic trip. It was surely the perfect way to end the weekend. (Photos to be uploaded on Friday.) I also had the chance to scribble some ideas on my "blog notebook". :) I can't wait to post all of those ideas and share them with you guys. Anyway, despite my body's urge to rest and lie down on my soft soft bed, I decided to blog and share with you guys this sunday's "Things I love" list. :)
Hope you guys like  LOVE it!
one:  I LOVE THE COLOR OF THIS BAG! I really wish I could find a similar bag for collegeeee! :o (speaking of which, I only have 2-3 weeks left before my FIRST DAY OF COLLEGE staaarts. OMG :o *panic-mode*)
two: I super love the color of both pants! :) Esp. the one on the left, which has a tie-dye effect on it. :)
three: I really wish this comes out! Food's gonna be MORE MAGICAL with this "cookbook". :) I wonder if they have a legit Butterbeer recipe in it. :-?
four: SHARPIE+GLITTERS=I WANT ONE SET, NOW!!!! <<< I think that kinda explains it. :)
five: This photo got me thinking of another photoshoot idea....hmmm...very interesting. :)
six: Double-exposuuure. :) I've been playing around with this "classic toy" iPad app recently that has a double-exposure effect on it. hihi. I really hope I have a REAL toy cam. that can give off a double exposure effect. :) SO COOL.


  1. That cookbook looks awesome. I saw one recently for the Hunger Games, too. Crazy!

    Erin :)

    1. I know right! :)) A cookbook for the Hunger Games...? =))) That's...weird. Interesting, but weird.. =))))