Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Under Construction

Hi loves!
Sorry if I wasn't able to update you guys with new posts lately. :( I've been busy with updating my blog layout and stuff. :) As you can see, I'm nearly done with the new layout! Just a few more buttons and everything will be back to normal! I'm really excited with the new things that I'll be putting in my blog. As I mentioned in my previous post, there'll be new buttons and more posts containing my personal life. To make up for my short absence, here's a video that I want to show/ share with you guys.

It's a music video of Honor Society's Spread the Love.
This song inspired me to inspire others in my own way. I hope that through my blog, I'll be able to inspire you guys to bring out that creativity and uniqueness in you. All of us are creative in our own way and it's up to us to develop that creativity that was given us. Another reason why I want to share this song is because of the message of this song. Only a number of songs have depth in their lyrics, and this is one of them.
I hope you check out the new things in my blog once they're done. I'm really looking forward to this new start in my blogging journey. I'm pretty sure that with you guys, my blogging journey will surely be a colorful and wonderful one. :)

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