Friday, June 29, 2012

Quick Post: I keep on surviving.

Hey dearies!
Sorry for not updating my blog again for a week now. I've been really busy with college stuff most of the time and I rarely get to use my laptop. So, yeah...I'm really sorry! :( Anyway, here's another post of how this week of college went.
I think the more you spend time with your blockmates the more you get to know the majority of them. If in the past weeks I was only able to talk with maybe 1/4 of my block, now I get to talk with more than half of them. It's nice to get to know more people as the week progresses. This week was also the week of many rigorous quizzes and graded recitations such as my chem(lecture) filipino, botany(lecture and lab) quizzes and of course the never-ending graded recitation during pol sci. class. We also had this e-learning thing. Its this program that they installed on the computer with all of our lessons and exercises and stuff. The cool thing about it is that we have to dictate our answer using the built-in microphone on the headset. At first it was irritating to use that thing cause it couldn't figure out the things I'm saying, but then it turned out to be really cool.
 I'm also starting to become familiarized more with the rooms and the facilities in my school. *YEY ME!* I still miss my HS friends though. :( I really wish I could visit my former school. :( Well, basically, that's it. Nothing super exciting happened to me this week. Stay tuned for tomorrow's edition of iPhoned fridays. :) So it's gonna be like a Sunday edition of iPhoned fridays... :)
Have a great weekend everybody! :)

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Jewelry DIYs

I've been interested with jewelry DIYs ever since summer of 2011. I was actually planning to put up this small online jewelry business wherein I turn bottlecap scraps into necklace charms or earrings or rings. But then that didn't really work out for me since putting up an online business is a bit dangerous since you have to meet up random people/ strangers who ordered from you. So, I just want to share with you guys some of the DIYs I found on Pinterest and on other blogs.
(click the photo for the site of the DIY)

 I really adore this DIY! It immediately caught my attention while I was looking at the photos on my Pinterest dashboard. It was actually this DIY that inspired me to make this post. :) But the best piece that caught my eye the most is that small arrow band. Really cute! I wonder how he/she made that...Oh, how I wish I could be just as creative! :(

 I'm actually HUNTING for a pearl-covered collar right now and luckily I came across this DIY! Who knew that making a pearl-covered collar can be so easy! I will definitely try this whenever I have a free time, IF I WILL HAVE A FREE TIME. :(

Other than collars, I'm also HUNGTING for geometric necklaces. They give off that boho vibe that I absolutely love. I also wish I get to do this DIY as well that is if I'll be able to find a shrinking plastic.

 Last but not the least, a DIY by one of my fave bloggers, Calico Skies's fringe necklace! Other than the collar and the geometric necklace, I'm also (yes, hunting) HUNTING for the perfect fringe necklace. With the perfect color combo and the perfect length and width of the fringes. This DIY may just help me get that fringe necklace of my dreams. :) Even if this DIY is sort of hard, I'll still accept the challenge of trying this DIY. :)
Well, there you have it loves! I hope you guys got inspired by these DIYs as much as I did and I really hope that I get to do at least one of these reaaal soon.
ta-ta for now! ;)

Friday, June 22, 2012

iPhoned Fridays: third week of college

Hey loves!
Sorry if I haven't been able to update you guys for a week! :( I've been really focusing on my studies lately and I'm also currently having a bad case of cough and colds. I'm really sorry guys! :( I know I'm slacking off in blogging already and I'm sincerely sorry about that! I promise to really make an effort this weekend to post as many posts as I could, of course those posts will have worth and meaning! Guaranteed! :)
Moving on, this is my first iPhoned fridays post! *yey me!* I've been planning for a couple of weeks now what to post for my first iPhoned fridays post, but I really do not know what to post about. I didn't want to take random photos just for the sake of posting something . I want my first post to be meaningful and something that not only me but hopefully you guys will appreciate and enjoy.

Luckily, my third week in college was extraordinary compared to my first 2 weeks. I'm really excited to share with you guys what I was up to in my third week of college.
I had a really awesome week of getting to know more about my block and my lunch buddies! This week also made me realize how much I really miss my high school friends. College is totally different from high school, not just the work load or the campus but also the people you are with. My block is definitely different from my high school classmates, but I guess I just have to be more open-minded and live every moment of it.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Quick Post: Second Week- Mission Accomplished!

Second week of college is finally over!
I can't believe I actually survived a week of wearing my all-white uniform while going through the busy streets of Recto, Gastambide and Lepanto. It isn't easy to maintain the whiteness of an all-white uniform especially when you have to go to the 5th floor of a building or go out on the streets to buy a book or food during breaks. I had to check my uniform every 30 minutes or so just to see if there are any dirt marks/ stains on it.
Other than wearing the uniform, regular classes have already begun. All of my professors are already present, lessons are being conducted, quizzes scheduled, recitations graded, assignments submitted and everything else. I guess this week is the beginning of what college really is. Although the tedious HWs and lessons haven't really begun, it gave me a taste of what I to expect, what to do and how to act in college.
I'm still adjusting to my new surroundings, blockmates (esp. the guys), profs (esp. my guy profs) anc everything else college-related. Besides, it had been only 2 weeks ever since my class started. Who knows, maybe I get to survive and enjoy the whole semester or better yet the whole year. I just really hope that things will really be okay and smooth flowing. :))
Can't wait for my third week of college to start. Bet there'll be more HWs, assignments and quizzes coming up. Well, all I can say is, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. :)
(photo from Pinterest)

The Blog Project #7

(credits to the yearbook photo staff committee for the photos on the first, second and third box.
Photo on the fourth box, left-right: Jemilie, Me, Louise and Frances)

If there's one event that I really miss as of today, June. 15, 2012, that would be the annual intramurals. I just miss the vibe, adrenaline rush, and the togetherness that each batch gives out.  I'll also miss the sound of our foot stomping when our batch cheers "Make Way", the "domino" effect of the people whenever we cheer "Mintis", the sound of our voices as we cheer "Guts" and everything that we do during the intramurals. Even if there'll be a bigger version of the intramurals in college, which is the UAAP-an intercollegiate basketball game (if I'm not mistaken), I'll still miss the intramurals in my school.
Make way, make way for the
1999-2012 <3

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

College Bucket List (for the 1st semester)

Hey guys!
Sorry if I haven't been able to post anything recently. :( I've been busy with college stuff lately like reading my textbooks, doing my assignments, and the like. Indeed, college is WAAAY different than high school. With that said, I prepared another bucket list that will hopefully help my 1st semester in college fun and worth it.
Speaking of bucket lists, I did manage to do some of the things on my summer bucket list and buy some of the things on my summer shopping bucket list! I shall update you guys on those lists once I finished at least half of them. *whoopsie*
Anyway, so here are the things included in my college bucket list for the 1st semester. :)

1. To get a grade of 1.50 and above in any of my subjects.
2. To not get my uniform dirty.
3. To go on an all-nighter.
4. Hang-out with my HS friends.
5. Hang-out with my college friends.
6. Photos with my college friends. (min. of 30)
7. Have a regular hang-out place.
8. Eat in one of the carinderias in Gastambide street.
9. Ride the LRT.
10. Eat at Mcdo CEU with my friends.
11. Someone to visit me.
12. Go to UST.
13. Ride the jeep going to my school.
14. To get 5 points for my recitation in Pol. Sci. class.
15. To not use the internet for 2 days, straight.
16. To be friends with someone who's not from my class/ course.
17. To join an organization.
18. To get a perfect score in at least 1 quiz of every subject.

I really hope I get to accomplish these within the 1st semester.
Wish me luuuck! :)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Things I love

Hey loooves! :)
How's the weekend? Hope you're having a great one! Since today is Sunday, I came up with another list of things I love. Hope you like it. :)
(all photos are from Pinterest)

ONE: I really find this cupcake really adorable! It can actually be a valentine's gift or if you're gonna propose, you can put a ring in the middle of the heart-shaped part of the cupcake. I wonder if you can make another shapes like a diamond, or a letter from the alphabet or something. :)
TWO: Miniature donuuuuts! :)) Only they're made out of cheerios with confectionaire's sugar, sprinkles, chocolates, etc. Check out unconfidential cook for more EDIBLE miniature treats.
THREE: I've always wanted something similar to that in my room.
FOUR: Another cute photobooth idea by Oh Happy Day.
FIVE: I just adoooore these flats by Steve Madden!!! If only I could find a cheaper alternative, I'd buy 'em right awaaay. :)
SIX: I'm fond of intricate and unique stones/ rock/ gems.
SEVEN: A mini bonfire lamp. I have a feeling that it gives out that "camping" vibe in your room whenever you light it on. :)
EIGHT: Another nifty journal/ planner idea, PINTEREST STYLE. :) Definitely gonna try this. :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Quick post: I'm surviving.

Hey friends!
How's the week so far? Hope you guys are doing great! :) So, I'll just make a quick post about how my week has been so far. So as I mentioned in my previous post, it was my first day of college last Monday! At first, I was really nervous and scared of what might happen to me or if I'll be able to make friends or not, but fortunately nothing bad happened to me! I was able to make friends as well, so things were really good in my first day. My 2nd day was not as good as the first. I was late for about an hour and some minutes for my english class, so I decided not to attend that class anymore since there was only 4-5 minutes left before the period ended. After lunch, my prof. for my last 2 classes was absent! So basically, it was like I only went to school just to eat lunch with my friends and roam around the school campus. The 3rd day, which is today, was the best compared to the first 3 days. I was able to get to know my friends and blockmates more. I also had the chance to joke around with a few of them while waiting for one of our profs.
College (so far) is surprisingly fun! Challenging, but fun. Though I still feel kinda homesick or in this case "school"sick since I'm still adjusting to my new surroundings. But hopefully in the succeeding weeks to come, I get to fully embrace and adjust to my new school and everything that it has to offer. Anyway, hope you guys enjoy the rest of the week! :)

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Keep Calm and Do not panic

Hey loves!
How's the week so far? Hope you guys had a blast as much as I did. So, tomorrow's gonna be a pretty exciting/ nerve-wrecking day for me since it's gonna be my first day of college. To be honest, I'm really nervous right now 'cause I don't really know what to expect. Unlike most of the universities here, the university where I'll be studying doesn't have a prep course or an orientation. It's like you're on your own from the moment you arrive there up to the day you'll graduate. Though I'm not really sure if there'll be an initiation or a freshmen welcoming-shiz of some sort but so far all I know is that by the time I get there, I go straight to my first class.
With that, I want to share with you guys some quotes I found on Piccsy that helped me become more at ease with tomorrow's festivities. :))
Have a great week ahead! :)

Saturday, June 2, 2012

You make me feel like...

This post is a continuation of my previous post since both of the posts happened on the same day only I opted to have separate posts since the concept of this shoot is different from the other one.
Before I go on rambling about how this shoot went, I'll share with you guys first how I came up with this photoshoot idea. So, while I was looking from some photoshoot ideas on Pinterest, the song "You Make Me Feel Like" by the Cobra Starship suddenly played in my head, right after that I remembered I've always wanted to try the Cobra Starship photobooth that they featured in the music video of  "You Make Me Feel Like" but I then I don't have a webcam or a camera installed on my laptop that's why I couldn't try it. Right then and there, I had my "light-bulb moment".
I immediately got a cardboard and make it look like polaroid frame, then I painted it white to make it more or less look like a legit polaroid frame. So from there, I decided, why not I have my own version of Cobra Starship's photobooth! 
So, last monday, me and Nicole had 2 photoshoots. One is a Cher Lloyd-inspired shoot and the other one is our own version of Cobra Starship's "You Make Me Feel Like" photobooth! :) I super had fun in our 2nd photoshoot since I was already in the photos compared to the first one. We also put our drama skills/ facial expressions to a test. In fairness, we kinda nailed SOME expressions that we had to project.
So here are some of Nicole's photos:
 aaand here are some of mine:
(I really suck at facial expressions. HUHU, I think Nicole nailed most of her photos compared to me. :( haha)
Of course, our photoshoot would not end if we don't have a photo together!
"LM" is this friend of ours who has this signature pose which is ^
'til the next photoshoot! :)