Friday, June 15, 2012

The Blog Project #7

(credits to the yearbook photo staff committee for the photos on the first, second and third box.
Photo on the fourth box, left-right: Jemilie, Me, Louise and Frances)

If there's one event that I really miss as of today, June. 15, 2012, that would be the annual intramurals. I just miss the vibe, adrenaline rush, and the togetherness that each batch gives out.  I'll also miss the sound of our foot stomping when our batch cheers "Make Way", the "domino" effect of the people whenever we cheer "Mintis", the sound of our voices as we cheer "Guts" and everything that we do during the intramurals. Even if there'll be a bigger version of the intramurals in college, which is the UAAP-an intercollegiate basketball game (if I'm not mistaken), I'll still miss the intramurals in my school.
Make way, make way for the
1999-2012 <3

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