Tuesday, June 12, 2012

College Bucket List (for the 1st semester)

Hey guys!
Sorry if I haven't been able to post anything recently. :( I've been busy with college stuff lately like reading my textbooks, doing my assignments, and the like. Indeed, college is WAAAY different than high school. With that said, I prepared another bucket list that will hopefully help my 1st semester in college fun and worth it.
Speaking of bucket lists, I did manage to do some of the things on my summer bucket list and buy some of the things on my summer shopping bucket list! I shall update you guys on those lists once I finished at least half of them. *whoopsie*
Anyway, so here are the things included in my college bucket list for the 1st semester. :)

1. To get a grade of 1.50 and above in any of my subjects.
2. To not get my uniform dirty.
3. To go on an all-nighter.
4. Hang-out with my HS friends.
5. Hang-out with my college friends.
6. Photos with my college friends. (min. of 30)
7. Have a regular hang-out place.
8. Eat in one of the carinderias in Gastambide street.
9. Ride the LRT.
10. Eat at Mcdo CEU with my friends.
11. Someone to visit me.
12. Go to UST.
13. Ride the jeep going to my school.
14. To get 5 points for my recitation in Pol. Sci. class.
15. To not use the internet for 2 days, straight.
16. To be friends with someone who's not from my class/ course.
17. To join an organization.
18. To get a perfect score in at least 1 quiz of every subject.

I really hope I get to accomplish these within the 1st semester.
Wish me luuuck! :)

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