Friday, June 22, 2012

iPhoned Fridays: third week of college

Hey loves!
Sorry if I haven't been able to update you guys for a week! :( I've been really focusing on my studies lately and I'm also currently having a bad case of cough and colds. I'm really sorry guys! :( I know I'm slacking off in blogging already and I'm sincerely sorry about that! I promise to really make an effort this weekend to post as many posts as I could, of course those posts will have worth and meaning! Guaranteed! :)
Moving on, this is my first iPhoned fridays post! *yey me!* I've been planning for a couple of weeks now what to post for my first iPhoned fridays post, but I really do not know what to post about. I didn't want to take random photos just for the sake of posting something . I want my first post to be meaningful and something that not only me but hopefully you guys will appreciate and enjoy.

Luckily, my third week in college was extraordinary compared to my first 2 weeks. I'm really excited to share with you guys what I was up to in my third week of college.
I had a really awesome week of getting to know more about my block and my lunch buddies! This week also made me realize how much I really miss my high school friends. College is totally different from high school, not just the work load or the campus but also the people you are with. My block is definitely different from my high school classmates, but I guess I just have to be more open-minded and live every moment of it.

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