Saturday, June 23, 2012

Jewelry DIYs

I've been interested with jewelry DIYs ever since summer of 2011. I was actually planning to put up this small online jewelry business wherein I turn bottlecap scraps into necklace charms or earrings or rings. But then that didn't really work out for me since putting up an online business is a bit dangerous since you have to meet up random people/ strangers who ordered from you. So, I just want to share with you guys some of the DIYs I found on Pinterest and on other blogs.
(click the photo for the site of the DIY)

 I really adore this DIY! It immediately caught my attention while I was looking at the photos on my Pinterest dashboard. It was actually this DIY that inspired me to make this post. :) But the best piece that caught my eye the most is that small arrow band. Really cute! I wonder how he/she made that...Oh, how I wish I could be just as creative! :(

 I'm actually HUNTING for a pearl-covered collar right now and luckily I came across this DIY! Who knew that making a pearl-covered collar can be so easy! I will definitely try this whenever I have a free time, IF I WILL HAVE A FREE TIME. :(

Other than collars, I'm also HUNGTING for geometric necklaces. They give off that boho vibe that I absolutely love. I also wish I get to do this DIY as well that is if I'll be able to find a shrinking plastic.

 Last but not the least, a DIY by one of my fave bloggers, Calico Skies's fringe necklace! Other than the collar and the geometric necklace, I'm also (yes, hunting) HUNTING for the perfect fringe necklace. With the perfect color combo and the perfect length and width of the fringes. This DIY may just help me get that fringe necklace of my dreams. :) Even if this DIY is sort of hard, I'll still accept the challenge of trying this DIY. :)
Well, there you have it loves! I hope you guys got inspired by these DIYs as much as I did and I really hope that I get to do at least one of these reaaal soon.
ta-ta for now! ;)

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