Sunday, June 3, 2012

Keep Calm and Do not panic

Hey loves!
How's the week so far? Hope you guys had a blast as much as I did. So, tomorrow's gonna be a pretty exciting/ nerve-wrecking day for me since it's gonna be my first day of college. To be honest, I'm really nervous right now 'cause I don't really know what to expect. Unlike most of the universities here, the university where I'll be studying doesn't have a prep course or an orientation. It's like you're on your own from the moment you arrive there up to the day you'll graduate. Though I'm not really sure if there'll be an initiation or a freshmen welcoming-shiz of some sort but so far all I know is that by the time I get there, I go straight to my first class.
With that, I want to share with you guys some quotes I found on Piccsy that helped me become more at ease with tomorrow's festivities. :))
Have a great week ahead! :)


  1. Hope your first day at college went well- that's so strange that they just throw you in at the deep end! I'm praying that you'll have an amazing time there. Thank you for following us at 'the tea house' :) x

    1. Hi Megan! :)
      Thank you so muuuuch! :)
      and sure! Your blog is amaziiing and very inspiring!