Friday, June 29, 2012

Quick Post: I keep on surviving.

Hey dearies!
Sorry for not updating my blog again for a week now. I've been really busy with college stuff most of the time and I rarely get to use my laptop. So, yeah...I'm really sorry! :( Anyway, here's another post of how this week of college went.
I think the more you spend time with your blockmates the more you get to know the majority of them. If in the past weeks I was only able to talk with maybe 1/4 of my block, now I get to talk with more than half of them. It's nice to get to know more people as the week progresses. This week was also the week of many rigorous quizzes and graded recitations such as my chem(lecture) filipino, botany(lecture and lab) quizzes and of course the never-ending graded recitation during pol sci. class. We also had this e-learning thing. Its this program that they installed on the computer with all of our lessons and exercises and stuff. The cool thing about it is that we have to dictate our answer using the built-in microphone on the headset. At first it was irritating to use that thing cause it couldn't figure out the things I'm saying, but then it turned out to be really cool.
 I'm also starting to become familiarized more with the rooms and the facilities in my school. *YEY ME!* I still miss my HS friends though. :( I really wish I could visit my former school. :( Well, basically, that's it. Nothing super exciting happened to me this week. Stay tuned for tomorrow's edition of iPhoned fridays. :) So it's gonna be like a Sunday edition of iPhoned fridays... :)
Have a great weekend everybody! :)

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