Sunday, June 10, 2012

Things I love

Hey loooves! :)
How's the weekend? Hope you're having a great one! Since today is Sunday, I came up with another list of things I love. Hope you like it. :)
(all photos are from Pinterest)

ONE: I really find this cupcake really adorable! It can actually be a valentine's gift or if you're gonna propose, you can put a ring in the middle of the heart-shaped part of the cupcake. I wonder if you can make another shapes like a diamond, or a letter from the alphabet or something. :)
TWO: Miniature donuuuuts! :)) Only they're made out of cheerios with confectionaire's sugar, sprinkles, chocolates, etc. Check out unconfidential cook for more EDIBLE miniature treats.
THREE: I've always wanted something similar to that in my room.
FOUR: Another cute photobooth idea by Oh Happy Day.
FIVE: I just adoooore these flats by Steve Madden!!! If only I could find a cheaper alternative, I'd buy 'em right awaaay. :)
SIX: I'm fond of intricate and unique stones/ rock/ gems.
SEVEN: A mini bonfire lamp. I have a feeling that it gives out that "camping" vibe in your room whenever you light it on. :)
EIGHT: Another nifty journal/ planner idea, PINTEREST STYLE. :) Definitely gonna try this. :)

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  1. I love the cupcake idea! :) That would be an interesting way to propose :D