Saturday, June 2, 2012

You make me feel like...

This post is a continuation of my previous post since both of the posts happened on the same day only I opted to have separate posts since the concept of this shoot is different from the other one.
Before I go on rambling about how this shoot went, I'll share with you guys first how I came up with this photoshoot idea. So, while I was looking from some photoshoot ideas on Pinterest, the song "You Make Me Feel Like" by the Cobra Starship suddenly played in my head, right after that I remembered I've always wanted to try the Cobra Starship photobooth that they featured in the music video of  "You Make Me Feel Like" but I then I don't have a webcam or a camera installed on my laptop that's why I couldn't try it. Right then and there, I had my "light-bulb moment".
I immediately got a cardboard and make it look like polaroid frame, then I painted it white to make it more or less look like a legit polaroid frame. So from there, I decided, why not I have my own version of Cobra Starship's photobooth! 
So, last monday, me and Nicole had 2 photoshoots. One is a Cher Lloyd-inspired shoot and the other one is our own version of Cobra Starship's "You Make Me Feel Like" photobooth! :) I super had fun in our 2nd photoshoot since I was already in the photos compared to the first one. We also put our drama skills/ facial expressions to a test. In fairness, we kinda nailed SOME expressions that we had to project.
So here are some of Nicole's photos:
 aaand here are some of mine:
(I really suck at facial expressions. HUHU, I think Nicole nailed most of her photos compared to me. :( haha)
Of course, our photoshoot would not end if we don't have a photo together!
"LM" is this friend of ours who has this signature pose which is ^
'til the next photoshoot! :) 

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  1. That is so awesome! Love the fan girl pic, LOL!