Sunday, July 1, 2012

Into a new perspective.

Hey loves! :)
How's the weekend so far? :) Hope you guys are having a blast! Anyway, yesterday I tried using my mom's point and shoot camera just to see its features and what it's capable of and surprisingly, I had a great time playing with it. Its features are somewhat similar to my camera only mine has filters and more lighting options compared to my mom's. I actually found it way easier to manipulate its settings compared to my camera. :< Plus, it's very light and handy compared to mine. But despite those, I still love my camera no matter what. :)
So, here are just some of the test shots I did. I was aiming to take a photo of things that are either white or black. Original plan was to not make the photo black and white but then when I edited one of the pictures and made it into black and white, I figured that it captures the whitness/ blackness of that object more and it also gave a new perspective of that picture, hence, the title of this post. :) Black and white photos give out a more dramatic vibe. It also bring in depth and more meaning to your photos. So, here are the photos! Hope you like them. :)
(photos were edited using picmonkey)
Have a lovely week ahead! :)

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  1. Wow I love the glittery shoes picture! Even in black and white it looks sparkly and whimsical :)