Saturday, July 14, 2012

iPhoned Fridays (Saturday edition): Information overloard, Situation UNDER CONTROL.

Another week of college has passed and so far, I'm still surviving! *YEY ME!* but I'm starting to have some "minor" emotional break downs when it comes to quizzes that I think I failed in. :| I think college is molding to be MORE grade concious that I was. This week was more hectic compared to the first few weeks. We had to study this 60+++ pages for our Botany QUIZ. Yes, QUIZ. Normally, in my previous school, I study 60+++ pages for the final exams. But in college, our quiz involves studying numerous pages. So, I still have to adjust myself in that "area". But other than that, college is actually fun but challenging. Especially in my course where we're required to read, read and READ. period.
So, here are some photos that I took this week.
1. Chicken Charlie/ 2. Raindrops/ 3. Seafood pasta from Papa John's/ 4. Green Tea Frappe and 5. Pesto from Baang Coffee/ 6. Tootsie Roll/ 7. Steak Ala Pobre from Burgoo/ 8. With my blockmate, Joanna, during History class/ 9. CADBURRY MINI EGGS.
Have a stress-free/ worry-free weekend! :)


  1. lovely photos! I hope you enjoy college and don't get too stressed :) have a good weekend relaxing x

  2. That's too bad! Hope you can get used to it eventually! The photo's look like you managed to do, and eat, some fun things as well though:) Hope so!

  3. thank yooou. :)) Well, I took most of the photos during my lunch yeaaah. :)) HAHA

  4. thank yooou, Jessica. :)) I really hope so too that I get to enjoy what college has to offer. :)) BAHAHAHA. sure, I will. :) Have a great weekday/ weekend! :)