Sunday, July 29, 2012

iPhoned Fridays (Sunday): The Little Accomplishments of Lil' Old (ahemYOUNGahem) Me.

You know that feeling when you accomplish something that you thought you'd never accomplish in your whole life? The feeling that you thought you'd get this but turns out you'd get a better one? The feeling that you think you're like this but then other people think you're way better than that? Those little things or little "feelings" are what I consider my little accomplishments.
So to share with you guys what these little accomplishment are, here are the photos that I took this week. :) Hope you like it :)

1. Something new in my study table/ 2. Finishing 3 chapters of Botany in 1 day/ 3. Going early for classes, with my blockmates, Bea, Rap, Edel and Julian/ 4. Joanna/ 5. Eating 6 slices of pizza at Papa John's/ 6.-7. POWHIRI with some of my blockmates namely, Bea, Edel, Rap, Renzo, Alejandro, Ian, Jaylord, Charmela and Danielle/ 8. Eskinol with Kat, Bea, Edel and Melizza/ 9. 32 oz. of Moutain Dew.

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  1. 6 slices of Papa John's? That IS an accomplishment! Best pizza ever!! :)