Sunday, July 8, 2012

Things I love

After many Sundays that passed by, I finally have the chance to share with you guys some of the things that I love. :) Once again, I'm really truly sorry guys for not being consistent in this category. :< It so happens that I end up being really busy every Sunday. Im actually thinking of switching iphoned fridays and this category. Since I think it's more practical to post the photos I took on my iPhone for that week on a Sunday and besides most of the interesting things happen on a Saturday. So yeah, I'm still in the process of thinking about it. Anyway sooo here's a new batch of things I love. Hope you like them. :)
(photos from Pinterest)
one: I LOVE TYPOGRAPHIES! That's why the moment I saw this photo, I just had to post it for this Sunday's Things I love post. I'm sure that with this book you'll be able to get an inspiration with whatever craft you're doing may it be graphical or drawing or anything actually. :) I wish they have a copy of that book in the Philippines though. :( I'm in need of inpiratiooon. :(
two:Pastel-colored notebooks. :) I actually have a similar style of notebook only it's color red.
three: COOKIE IN A CUP. This recipe is just to diiiie fooor!!!! THIS IS DEFINITELY A MUST TRY!!!!
four: What to do with your old bunk bed? Turn it into tree house of a mini foyer or a mini balcony! :) I just love this ideaaa!
five: Envelope purses! I think this kind of purse is becoming a trend nowadays. Like in the debuts I've been to, I've seen like 10-20 people carrying this kind of purse.
six: Even if I'm not a fan of pink dresses, or anything pink for that matter, I was somehow moved by the flow of this dress. It just gives out that princess-y vibe and all. 

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