Sunday, July 22, 2012

Things I love

Hey loves!
Guess what day it is? :)
It's SUNDAY! which means, a new post for "Things I love, Sundays"
I know that I haven't been consistent in posting "Things I love" and I'm really sorry about that! I'll try my best to be as consistent as possible! promise!
So, here's a new list of things I love! Hope you like it! :)

One of the pastries that I've been craving as of now are FRENCH MACARONS. They are just to die for!!! Seeing this Ice Cream shaped macaron by Raspberri Cupcakes made me crave for macarons even more. :(

two: Singing in the Rain. Not only do I love the song, but I also would love to actually dance and sing in the rain. As long as there won't be anybody to watch or something. :))

three: MOLESKINS ARE LOVE <3 They're a bit pricey for a notebook tho. :( I also love the print that the person (whoever did this) did. For a second I thought those were real markers on top of the notebook. :)) Seems so real @-)

four: I love this "SAVE THE DATE" idea. :) really cute and fun!

five: I think I posted a similar photo of this, but I REALLY WANT TO HAVE THIS DRESS! Not exactly that dress but the symmetrical+flowy type one.

six: Got a pair of flats that you want to throw away? Think again! Instead of throwing it away, why not pimp it up? This DIY ombre ballet flats would surely make you think twice of throwing your ballet flats away! Not only would you save your flats from being thrown away, but you'd also get to be in style. :)


  1. Oooh, the art print is my favorite! I've always wanted to start an art journal but it never really worked out.

    1. Hi Erin! :)
      I also attempted to start an art journal, but I always end up tearing all of the pages in the journal. :)) You can start with a "Wreck This Journal" book. :)) It helps our unleash that creativity in yooou. :)