Sunday, July 29, 2012

Things I love

one: 2 THINGS THAT I ABSOLUTELY LOVE, NEON AND SATCHELS! <3 I'm still on a hunt for these kinds of satchels.

two: AZTEC PRINTED NAILS. I'm not really a fan of nail art, but this one is an exemption! I just looove aztec prints! I also love the colors that are were used! Very pop-ish! :)

three: brown laced-up ankle boots are love, love, LOOOVE <3 I'm also on the look out for a pair of these!

four: A dreamy garden place. <3 definitely a part of my dream house, if I will have a backyard in my future house. :)

five: POST-ITS! I love giving out post-its as much as I love receiving it. Which reminds me, I really miss giving out post-its to my HS friends. :( I rarely give out post-its to my college friends since they might not appreciate it like my HS friends. :<

six: This LITERALLY magical wedding photo is just <3 <3 <3.

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