Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Remedies for the rainy season.

Rainy season has once again kicked-in here in the Philippines. During this season, most of the classes (particularly in the primary and secondary levels) are being suspended. So, what do you do whenever  classes get suspended? Most people tend to just sleep all day or read their favorite book or catch up on some series and what not. But there are actually a lot of things that you can do to make your day more productive. Sleeping all day, reading your favorite book or catching up on some series isn't really a bad thing to do when your classes get suspended. I know that it's the perfect time to rest, unwind and do the things that you've been itching to do while you're having your classes. But a dash of something different wouldn't hurt as well. You might even enjoy it when you least expected it. So here are some remedies to cure that same old routine or that boredom you might experience whenever your classes get suspended.
For those who're living in places that doesn't rain often, you may do these activities if you have some "alone time" that you can spare or if you just want to try out something...new! :)
Note: The following are just based from MY OPINIONS alone. These are just mere suggestions to help you guys "breathe some fresh air" and start something new.
ONE: BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE, THINK ABOUT THOSE PEOPLE WHO ARE GREATLY AFFECT BY THE RAIN. TAKE TIME TO PRAY FOR THEM. Dedicate a decade of rosary for them or something. For those who are not Catholics, I respect your religious practices but at least think about the people who're experiencing so much pain and grief brought by the rain. :(

TWO: A cup of hot choco goes perfectly well with the rainy season. It warms up your body whenever you feel cold from the weather. Trying out other ingredients that you can mix with hot choco will not only spice up your drink but will also bring out that inner chef in you. Time to put your tastebuds and instincts to a test. :)

THREE: Rain photography always gives out that dramatic vibe. But if the rain is too strong, like what we're sadly experiencing now, try taking photos of the raindrops. Not only will you get to capture its dramatic feel but you'll also get to practice your focusing skills. :)

FOUR: LOUD MUSIC+GLOOMY WEATHER/ HARD RAINS= NOT A GOOD COMBO. Loud music is best listened to when the sun's up, or when it's summer or when you get to see the blue sky NOT when the weather is all gloomy and dark and gray. In my own experience, during rainy seasons, I prefer listening to chill songs or to some instrumentals unlike when the sun's up, I prefer listening to loud and upbeat song. Listening to chill songs won't hurt you. Just like what my friend said, Chill songs are good for the soul. ;)

FIVE: TIME TO SHOW THAT INNER HERO IN YOU. The little things matter a lot in times like these. Begin in your own homes then if you have time or if the rain isn't that strong, go to the nearest relief operation center and help out! It may be tiring, but the experience will surely be heart warming. :)

SIX: Express your inner thoughts. Unleash that inner Picasso in you. You might be surprise of how your art journal might end up. :)

Let's all continue praying for the safety of the people here in the Philippines and for everybody in the whole world as well. :)

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