Sunday, October 14, 2012

Twice-A-Weekly Update

School is finally done for the semester and I have 3 full weeks of bumming around and being lazy and all. *YEEEEY! FREEDOOOOM!* Which means, more time to BLOG and BOIL UP MY CREATIVE JUICES! *haha* If there's one thing that sucks about college is that, you wouldn't have the time to just bum around and whip up your creativity to good use. I learned that in college, EVERY SECOND COUNTS! With all those homework and reading assignments piled up, you wouldn't want any time wasted, right? Anyway, I know that I haven't been active (again, for the nth time. :( ) for quite some time now and I'm really sorry for that. But, hey! I'm on a 3-week break so I think that will give me an apt amount of time to revive this lil' fella. :)) Starting off with a rundown of things I did in the past two weeks. (AKA the last 2 weeks before the sem. ended)
1. Post-its for Rap's (one of my blockmates) surprise/ 2. Jeje and Gangnam poses with the "blohckz"/ 3. Aussie notebooks from Sammy/ 4. Sleepover at Sammy's with Bianca, Andrea, Aina and Justine/ 5. My blockmates, Melizza and Elisha with our Botany prof., Sir Axel/ 6. Some of my blockmates with Sir Axel/ 6. With my fave duo, Rap and Joanna/ 7. Just goofin' around with Bea, Lois and Elisha/ 8. CHEMISTRY FINALS/ 9. Zarks 3-pointer burger/ 10. 6 Letters/ 11. With Kat, Elisha, Melizza, Bea and our Filipino prof., Sir. Ramirez/ 12. With my asst. bebehs, Cwenne, Jamille and Katelyn/ 13. With 2 of my "nieces" Shar and Jane/ 14. Phone accessories/ 15. Reviving my planner

Semester Break Bucket List

Since it's already sem. break for most of the colleges here in the Philippines, I decided, why not make another bucket list! Besides, I was successful in finishing more than half of the things on my College Bucket List (for the 1st sem), so why not give it a second go, right? 

1. To finish "de-zombiefying" my planner. (I just invented that word ;) )
2. To wreck at LEAST 5 pages.
3. To visit my previous school.
4. To discover more "hipster, indie" bands.
5. To get my braces off.
6. Have a photoshoot with any of my friends.
7. To learn a new piano piece.
8. To watch the play "King and I".
9. To start a new blog activity.
10. To bake something, ANYTHING. (haha)
11. To watch a movie online.
12. PARTY HARD (oh, yeah)
13. Record a cover.
14. Buy new clothes.
15. Go to the gym at LEAST once. 

I hope I get to accomplish this again. :)
*crossing my fingers*

The subject that taught me more than just plants, flowers, trees, shrubs and whatnot.

With some of my blockmates in Botany and Sir Axel

From the time I enrolled up to this very minute, I still couldn't understand WHY I had to take up Botany. I mean, it's not like we're going to plant trees and plants and stuff while fixing and beautifying our patient's teeth, right?
When you think about it, it's just a waste of time studying some subject that wouldn't really help you in the future, or would it? For the past 5 months, all I could think about was pass this subject so that I can move on to a more "useful" subject which is Zoology. I mean comparing Botany and Zoology, I think Zoo is a tad more useful in my course compared to Botany. But now that our Botany final exam is fast approaching, I'm starting to feel sad? depressed? frustrated? mixed? yes. and then it hit me. The reason why we had to study Botany is not because of the topics itself, but its for us to somehow have a whole new perspective of the world. To feast our eyes with one of God's most magical creations, the plants, flowers, etc. PLUS, its also a "training ground" for memorizing endless scientific names and terms that we will be enduring in our future subjects.
I will surely miss my Botany class, my prof., his gay-ish attitude, EVERYTHING!