Sunday, October 14, 2012

Semester Break Bucket List

Since it's already sem. break for most of the colleges here in the Philippines, I decided, why not make another bucket list! Besides, I was successful in finishing more than half of the things on my College Bucket List (for the 1st sem), so why not give it a second go, right? 

1. To finish "de-zombiefying" my planner. (I just invented that word ;) )
2. To wreck at LEAST 5 pages.
3. To visit my previous school.
4. To discover more "hipster, indie" bands.
5. To get my braces off.
6. Have a photoshoot with any of my friends.
7. To learn a new piano piece.
8. To watch the play "King and I".
9. To start a new blog activity.
10. To bake something, ANYTHING. (haha)
11. To watch a movie online.
12. PARTY HARD (oh, yeah)
13. Record a cover.
14. Buy new clothes.
15. Go to the gym at LEAST once. 

I hope I get to accomplish this again. :)
*crossing my fingers*

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