Sunday, October 14, 2012

Twice-A-Weekly Update

School is finally done for the semester and I have 3 full weeks of bumming around and being lazy and all. *YEEEEY! FREEDOOOOM!* Which means, more time to BLOG and BOIL UP MY CREATIVE JUICES! *haha* If there's one thing that sucks about college is that, you wouldn't have the time to just bum around and whip up your creativity to good use. I learned that in college, EVERY SECOND COUNTS! With all those homework and reading assignments piled up, you wouldn't want any time wasted, right? Anyway, I know that I haven't been active (again, for the nth time. :( ) for quite some time now and I'm really sorry for that. But, hey! I'm on a 3-week break so I think that will give me an apt amount of time to revive this lil' fella. :)) Starting off with a rundown of things I did in the past two weeks. (AKA the last 2 weeks before the sem. ended)
1. Post-its for Rap's (one of my blockmates) surprise/ 2. Jeje and Gangnam poses with the "blohckz"/ 3. Aussie notebooks from Sammy/ 4. Sleepover at Sammy's with Bianca, Andrea, Aina and Justine/ 5. My blockmates, Melizza and Elisha with our Botany prof., Sir Axel/ 6. Some of my blockmates with Sir Axel/ 6. With my fave duo, Rap and Joanna/ 7. Just goofin' around with Bea, Lois and Elisha/ 8. CHEMISTRY FINALS/ 9. Zarks 3-pointer burger/ 10. 6 Letters/ 11. With Kat, Elisha, Melizza, Bea and our Filipino prof., Sir. Ramirez/ 12. With my asst. bebehs, Cwenne, Jamille and Katelyn/ 13. With 2 of my "nieces" Shar and Jane/ 14. Phone accessories/ 15. Reviving my planner


  1. I love your about picture!

    1. Hi Emma :) Thank you so much. :)