Wednesday, April 17, 2013


For my first comeback post, prior to my "comeback post". Here's a very important, life-changing, disaster in the making, mind-boggling, body-moving list that I ought to share with all of you. As some(NONE :()of you may know, I'm turning 20-TEEN this year. Which means, goodbye teen-age years and hello to adult-years (or whatever you call it). My teen years were definitely the best years of my life. There may be a lot of twists and turns along the way, but it was through those twists and turns that molded me into who I am today. Those precious years were not perfect, but they were definitely worth remembering. So with my last few months as a teen, I made a list that will hopefully make those last months unforgettable.

20 things before I turn 20
1. Post a YouTube video
2. Have a new look
3. Bake different cupcakes
4. Cook a full course meal
5. Compose a song
6. DIY clothes
7. Lose 5-10 pounds
8. Photoshoot starring moi
9. Go clubbing
10. Go electronic free for 24 hours
11. Watch a horror film in a cinema
12. Get my hair temporarily colored
13. Paint a huge canvas
14. Buy stuff online
15. Drink hard liquor (maybe get drunk)
16. Movie marathon (3 movies in 1 day)
17. Sleep-free for an entire day
18. Redecorate my room
19. Watch a play
20. Watch a concert in the patron area


I did promise that I'll come back right? Nonetheless, I am back. Fiercer and (hopefully) more creative than I was a few months back. I know my absence for 5-6 months was unforgivable and I am truly sorry about that. College really took up a huge chunk of my "creative/ me time" hence, my absence for that span of time. However, past is past. I am not the kind of person who backtracks the things that happened in the past. What happens in the past, stays in the past, right?

I am currently on my summer vacation right now. So far, summer is getting pretty boring around the house. All I did in the past couple of weeks were eat, sleep, text and tweet. Occasionally, I'd throw in a bonding sesh, baking sesh and other kinds of sesh with my friends. (SESH=slang for session). Comparing last summer with this summer, this summer is definitely one for the books. Despite my usual routine, SOMEONE always spices things up and makes my typical boring day, less typical and boring. Even if that SOMEONE is a part of my routine already, he never fails to make everyday special and something worth looking forward to. (wink wink) (note to self: this SOMEONE deserves a special post. Maybe. Possibly. Most probably)

I am really looking forward to the rest of my summer vacation. There's just a lot of things to look forward to and I do hope that I'd get to blog them. I promise to blog as much as I can and make up for my 5-6 months of absence. With this, stay tuned for new gigs and posts in-line with my summer escapades. It's really good to be back. Sharing with you guys my daily ramblings is something that I really miss.

Once again, I am Ann Ong and welcome to my blog.