Sunday, July 6, 2014

The 10 People who can Make or Break your College life. (a thoughtcatalog entry)

     So, a few minutes ago, I had this awesome idea of submitting an entry for Thought Catalog. It's this site where people share their stories and insights about life and anything under the sun and I thought it's a pretty cool way to somewhat enhance my writing skills and hopefully get to have an impact on large audience.

     Sooo, here is the article that I submitted, though I have a huge feeling it won't even be published in their site *but hopefully it will*. It's about 10 people that I personally met in my first 2 years in college and I associated each of the characters I used in my article with people that I know personally. So it's kind of a personally article sort of thing. I really hope you guys like it. I know I'm not much of a writer but, hopefully you get the sense of my article and what I am trying to point out. Soooo, without any further ado, I present to you my entry for Thought Catalog...


It doesn't matter if you are from a different college or from the other side of the globe. There will be certain points in your life where there will be 10 kinds of people that may either make or break your college life.

1.) The "First Day" Buddy
Also known as "The Seatmate".  She will be the one whom you will first talk to during on your first day in college. For quite some time, she will be the person whom you will hang out with until you find the right people in college. Lucky for you if your “first day buddy” will also turn out to be your long time college friend, but sadly, that’s not usually the case. This person will have a huge shoe to fill in, ‘cause she will be the one to give you a first impression or maybe glimpse of how your college life will be. Basically, she will be the first one who will help you get through your first few months in college, but not really the one who will get you through the hardships in your life outside of college. But mind you, she will be one of those people that you will be most grateful for when you graduate from college.

2.) The Goofball
Like in any situation, there will always be that one person who will just knock your socks off with their witty jokes. Just when truckloads of homework come in your way, he is there to the rescue, making you stress-free in an instant. He will be the one that will make your college life one impeccable ride. He can be one of those people who can just brighten up your day in a snap. He is definitely the friend that you should have in college. You might be surprised that you will find yourself falling for him in the course of your college life.

3.) The Over-achiever
The over-achiever is the person whom you'll be asking a lot about the homework or what the professor just discussed. You might even copy her homework or even ask her to do it for you. She is the one who comes to class prepared and still fears that she might fail or not impress the professors. She usually stays up all night doing some advance readings, while everyone's chilling or hanging out with their friends. She aims for success, and sometimes you just envy her at how accomplished she is. But even with an impressive GWA, she is the most humble person that you will ever meet and one of the people that will help you get through college academically-speaking.

4.) The Casanova
Also known as “The Hearthrob”. Oh yeah, he is everywhere. At first he may seem like a sweet and charming guy but all he is, is a major flirt. You will see him walking around the campus, complimenting the ladies and checking them out. Sometimes, you can even catch “the Casanova” in action. You can find him walking around the school with some girl then find him the next day at the club, making out with a different girl. Girls just can't seem to resist him. You might have a slight crush on him for quite some time, but definitely not the first person that you should fall for.

5.) The Best Friend
She will be the one whom you will be crying to when everything is just falling apart in your life. You can just talk to her about anything, from topics about school, crushes, the latest songs and series, just anything and everything under the sun. You just click together and you have each others’ backs. She will always be there for you, 24/7, with arms wide open. She will definitely have a huge part on your college life and possibly in your life after college. You may even find yourself looking for a job together, or maybe be present at each others’ weddings.

6.) The Arch Nemesis
There will always be that one person that just doesn't fail to ruin your day. Just seeing her makes you itch to slap her face and make her cry at your mercy. She just tries to annoy you in every way possible. She's just a bitch, and sadly you have to live with that.

7.) The Aphrodite
                This girl is every guys dream. Whenever she walks in the hallway, guys just immediately turn their heads and admire God's marvelous walking creation. She is one of those people that will make your self-esteem go down the drain. You got to admit, she's really pretty. She's got class, sophistication, the perfect body, she has everything that you kinda don't have. You envy her a lot and sometimes your insecurities will get you,  but she is one living reminder that not all people get what they have, that there will always be something lacking in them no matter how perfect they are.

8.) The Spoiled Rich Kid
College’s Richie-rich, the one who always gets the latest gadgets. He may even have an iPhone 6 before it even gets out. He just has everything money can buy, but ironically, you will often find him lonely and alone. People only like him because of what he has, but not because of what he is. He's the ultimate attention seeker. You can find him walking around the campus saying "Hi" to every person he sees. But you will often see him sitting in the corner, with his gadgets possibly trying to make people notice him.

9.) The Ghost
Not literally a ghost, okay? He's that classmate of yours that isn't there all the time. You may have seen him in class, once or twice or maybe never, but most of the time, he's not there. You don't even know his name, as a matter of fact, no one does. All you know is that he exists, nothing more.

10.) The Kryptonite
At some point in your life, amongst all the people that you have encountered, there will always be that one person that will stand out from the crowd. He may not be as funny as "the goofball" or as suave as "the Casanova", but at some unexplainable reason, you will just be drawn to him. Finding a person like him is like finding a needle in a haystack, but ones you've found him, everything will just be blissful. But if you are not that sort of person who is looking for a mate, this person will just come along when you least expect it. Sure there will be instances that this person may not be your last, but he will definitely be the one to help you experience all the highs and lows that love has to offer. He will be the one to help you become stronger and possibly be more mature enough to make the right decisions. But if luck’s on your side, this person may be your happily ever after.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Behind the Colorful Mask

WARNING: the following post deals with excessive (or maybe not) depressing emotions and insights that may temporarily put you on a dull mood. Do not read if you are not really into reading deep, depressing insights. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

A mask is used to hide our faces so that we will not be seen or noticed. It is used to cover up things that we do not want many people to see. Admit it or not, we all wear a particular mask in order to hide the things that we would  not want others to see, such as our imperfections, our true emotions, our soul, or maybe a pimple on our faces (hahaha just kidding), but we all hide something that we do not normally let other people see.

I wear a mask ALL THE TIME. I wear a super fierce mask when I'm with people I do not know,  a bubbly mask with people I am really closed with, a colorful mask when I'm feeling friendly towards somebody, and a whoooole bunch of masks depending on the situation at hand. But why do I wear a mask? What am I hiding from people? Well, my dearest (non-existent) readers, this treacherous thing that I am hiding from from my friends, even most of my closest friends, and family is this common ball of sh*tness called, insecurities and with insecurities, comes in depression. So yeah, My name's Ann Ong, and I have a slight case of depression (or I think I do...? you be the judge)

I guess having insecurities is a normal thing (when you are a teenager and puberty just started kicking in), but when you are in your late teens and you are somewhat old enough to speak your mind out and believe in what you want to believe, I don't think there's an excuse for insecurities.  I am not saying that older people can not have insecurities, it's an inevitable thing. But what I am trying to say is that having excessive insecurities about oneself isn't really much entertained once you are in that mental age of maturity. My friend once told me, when he was ranting about a friend of ours, just about my age, having shit loads of insecurities as well, "kids and pre teens are the only ones that get sh*tloads
of insecurities. Can't she just be satisfied with what she has and start living her damn life?" At that time, I agreed with what he said. I mean, the mature thing to do is accept  what was given to you and utilize that in order for you to maximize your capabilities. But booooy was I wrong. Once insecurities step in, it's like a vacuum cleaner, sucking in all the light and spark that you once had.

At first, I got over those episodes when my insecurities get me, but it just continues on getting in to me, blocking every light, every spark , every color that I have, leaving me with doubts about love and dark nights filled with endless sobbing. I normally tell myself that I can get thought it, that I have a God whose love is MORE powerful than the devil that eating my light. At times, I manage to get through it, but at times I don't. Sometimes, I feel really lucky that I am surrounded with the best people in the entire world, but often times, I feel unloved, uncared for, and alone. I feel like no one really understands me, and that no one really cares for me. It's as if like they only love and care for me just because they are obligated to do so.

At times I feel like a nobody in this world, like I don't even exist . There are instances where I feel that I'm a burden to everybody, that instead of making people happy, I make them feel worse. There are just A LOOOOOOT of bad sh*t going on that I don't really want to elaborate. Don't get me wrong, I guess I'm not yet in that stage where I commit s------. Though I have thought about it a couple of times, but I guess I just couldn't do it.

Well, I guess that goes for my ranting. I actually feel a lot better getting this out of my chest. I hope you guys leave a comment below, maybe to shed some light and stuff, that would be appreciated. :)

Thank you for reading! :)

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A comeback, not with a sizzle, but with a BANG.

Hey guys! :)
     So, it has been a year and a couple of weeks since I last blogged and reading my previous posts about my first year in college and stuff made made me miss blogging .AND SOOOO, I decided to go blogging again...HAH. Though as usual, I won't guarantee that I'll post all the time, but hopefully I get to do so at least once a month or two. Soooo....where to begin.


    Maybe, since I left off with my random ramblings about summer '13, maybe I should start off with how my second year of college went!

So, Second Year of College... (Oh boy, this is gonna be a pretty long one haha)

     I guess if there is one vivid way of describing it, it would be very much similar to riding a baby roller coaster. (The one without the 360-degree loops but still made you scream out like an over-exaggerated girl with the highest pitched voice) I know it's the most known and cliche phrase used when associating your life experience with something interesting sounding, but that's the closest one I can really think of.
     It was a year filled with laughter, tears, sleepless nights, alcoholic drinks, a lot of cursing, doubt, loneliness, but A WHOLE LOT OF LOVIN'. I get to be close with more people than I did when I was in first year. Classes and profs became more challenging, reading assignments became more thicker and thicker by the day. EVERYTHING WAS JUST HARDER, yet fun at the same time.
     There were also a lot of firsts that happened during the past school year. First party, first party that I hosted with my college friends invited, first out of town trip with my college friends, first legit valentine (wink, wink) and so on and so forth. Aside from all the firsts, there were also a lot of lasts. Last time to wear my button-down uniform, last time to be labelled as a pre-dentistry student (weeewhoooooo), last time to be blockmates with my closest friends, last time to sadly, become a scholar. :( I kinda yolo-ed the last semester of my second year, which really sent my grades to a major downfall. I wouldn't really elaborate on detail everything that happened during the past school year, but it was definitely one for the books.

     Summer 2014 on the other hand, was WAAAY more productive than last summer. There was more traveling involved, and a whole bunch of fun stuff with a dash of bitterness. This summer, my parents and I get to go to Shanghai and Singapore, which I will be posting in a different post. I also got myself into online selling wherein my friend and I sell these accessories that we make ourselves and we actually got to sell most of them, which is a really good thing. I also tried out for this dental school that I've always wanted to enter ever since high school, which sadly I did not get in. Summer 2014 was definitely more vibrant and more sparkly that last year. It has also been a year and a couple of months since something extraordinarily sparkly (whut?!) came into my life. It was definitely the cherry on top of my hot fudge sundae. ;)

     Now that a new chapter awaits, a lot of things has been going on in my mind. Well, I just hope that things will go according to plan, if not better. Hopefully, I get to document my dent school journey in this blog, like what I did in the first few months of college. KUDOS TO THAT!