Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A comeback, not with a sizzle, but with a BANG.

Hey guys! :)
     So, it has been a year and a couple of weeks since I last blogged and reading my previous posts about my first year in college and stuff made made me miss blogging .AND SOOOO, I decided to go blogging again...HAH. Though as usual, I won't guarantee that I'll post all the time, but hopefully I get to do so at least once a month or two. Soooo....where to begin.


    Maybe, since I left off with my random ramblings about summer '13, maybe I should start off with how my second year of college went!

So, Second Year of College... (Oh boy, this is gonna be a pretty long one haha)

     I guess if there is one vivid way of describing it, it would be very much similar to riding a baby roller coaster. (The one without the 360-degree loops but still made you scream out like an over-exaggerated girl with the highest pitched voice) I know it's the most known and cliche phrase used when associating your life experience with something interesting sounding, but that's the closest one I can really think of.
     It was a year filled with laughter, tears, sleepless nights, alcoholic drinks, a lot of cursing, doubt, loneliness, but A WHOLE LOT OF LOVIN'. I get to be close with more people than I did when I was in first year. Classes and profs became more challenging, reading assignments became more thicker and thicker by the day. EVERYTHING WAS JUST HARDER, yet fun at the same time.
     There were also a lot of firsts that happened during the past school year. First party, first party that I hosted with my college friends invited, first out of town trip with my college friends, first legit valentine (wink, wink) and so on and so forth. Aside from all the firsts, there were also a lot of lasts. Last time to wear my button-down uniform, last time to be labelled as a pre-dentistry student (weeewhoooooo), last time to be blockmates with my closest friends, last time to sadly, become a scholar. :( I kinda yolo-ed the last semester of my second year, which really sent my grades to a major downfall. I wouldn't really elaborate on detail everything that happened during the past school year, but it was definitely one for the books.

     Summer 2014 on the other hand, was WAAAY more productive than last summer. There was more traveling involved, and a whole bunch of fun stuff with a dash of bitterness. This summer, my parents and I get to go to Shanghai and Singapore, which I will be posting in a different post. I also got myself into online selling wherein my friend and I sell these accessories that we make ourselves and we actually got to sell most of them, which is a really good thing. I also tried out for this dental school that I've always wanted to enter ever since high school, which sadly I did not get in. Summer 2014 was definitely more vibrant and more sparkly that last year. It has also been a year and a couple of months since something extraordinarily sparkly (whut?!) came into my life. It was definitely the cherry on top of my hot fudge sundae. ;)

     Now that a new chapter awaits, a lot of things has been going on in my mind. Well, I just hope that things will go according to plan, if not better. Hopefully, I get to document my dent school journey in this blog, like what I did in the first few months of college. KUDOS TO THAT!

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