Saturday, February 13, 2016

Welcome back, A! Read this up.


It's been like 2 years since I last updated this blog. I know that I've been telling you guys every comeback post that I'll update my blog and stuff buuut as usual, I don't actually commit to that.
Reading through my previous posts/ blogs,  I came to a realization of how much college has really (sorry for my french) fucked me up. BIG TIME. I used to believe that life is all about vibrant colors and sprinkles of unicorn and fairy dust and all you gotta do is to follow your heart and not give a single fuck about what people may think or say about you. BUT BOY I WAS SOOOOO WRONG. Life's harsh. There's just so much emotional, mental, physical stress that at first I thought I can bare, but as time went on, it feels like deadweight.

Now, as much as I would love to ramble on and on about how I kinda got depressed, and how I feel like I'm some black sheep to my family and friends, this post shall be about how I plan to empower myself and how I should pull myself back up and shit. (yeaaaah, I kinda cuss a lot.)

I'm not promising that I'll post every day/ week/ month. There are more chances that my next post will be in a year or so buuut, I still have .5% left in me believing that this little project of mine will work. Starting next week, or the week after that, I'll try in my best efforts to really find at least 5 things that made me feel happy about that week. I guess you can call it like "gratitude sundays" or something? Yeaaah.

I guess I really need this right now. I guess this will work.
But if not, at least I tried right?

PS. I know no one's reading, but I hope someday, someone will. (or rather someone(s). PLURAL.)

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