Monday, March 21, 2016

Semestral Wrap-Up


It's summer here at the other side of the world which meaaan, SCHOOL'S OUT, SUNNY'S IN. *lol*
It has been nearly a month since my last post, so I thought I'd post a run through on how March has been for me. *Deets for each of the events shall be in another post*

*squeals* Hooray for my first ever denture! 
 With Nanay (Mommy) Baby wearing the dentures I made for her. 
With my groupmates (Left-Right: Chu, Lorraine, Me, Badette, Alfred, Kim, Jianne), Nanay Baby and Dr. Castro. 

Noodles at Ling Nam, Bindondo
SNR Pizza at Lucky Chinatown Mall

Korean Ice Desert at Ho Bing, Lucky Chinatown Mall

(Left to Right: Me, Julian, Bianca, Jamie and Elisha)
(Left to Right: Kat, Julian, Bianca, Jamie, Shar, Elisha, Me)

March was definitely a mixture of hardcore work and fun. Work, in terms of finishing all my subject requirements. Fun, in a way that I learned new things, like making a new denture, hanged out with friends to unwind and stuff. March has been pretty good to me so far? I hope this will last though 'til the end of the YEAR? Surely can't wait what's in-stored for this summer. Travel? Work? Drive? I hope it's gonna be hell lot productive compared to last summer's. 

Here's to an awesome summer 2016!