Friday, April 15, 2016

Dear You

This is an open letter. This isn't directed to anyone in particular. The content in this letter is subjected to your own interpration. Cut me some slack, I just want to release my heart out. To anyone reading this, imagine yourself in this situation, You have a friend. A friend whom you trust and loved so much that you already treat him like your sibling. You 2 are just inseparable. One night, you had a huge fight. You cursed at each other, insulted each other, said really mean things that scourged your each of your souls. It was that night that you realized, that your friendship just had to end there. Then one morning you wake up, go about your normal routine, then you checked your phone. You got an overwhelming number of messages and notifications. Out of curiosity, you checked one of them. It was a message from your friend, and in bold letters; capitalized it read, "*YOUR NAME*, *YOUR FRIEND'S GONE." You immediately checked out the rest of your messages, they were all pertaining to one daunting topic, your friend, dead. Overwhelming feelings of nausea were steaming up as you continue on reading your messages. You checked his facebook wall, there you saw photos of him together with long messages of how he was able to be such a good impact on people, etc. You start recalling the last time you conversed. It was a few days back, and it ended up badly. Your last words to each other were, "get lost, don't ever talk to me". Realizing now that those were really your last words to him forever. You wondered what caused all of this? Did it have something to do with you? Were you the reason that he left? His parents sent a message to everyone with a note on how he passed. Thankfully, he didn't commit suicide, it was just his time to leave this busy world. It was time for him to rest for he was too worn out from everything around him. His purpose was already achieved. But that was it, you won't be able to see him anymore. You won't be able to talk to him, to say sorry for the arguement you guys had. It was too late. Now, given the chance to turn back time knowing now the fate of your friend, would you end your conversation with him in a bad note? Would you change the course of your conversation? What would you tell him? If there's one thing in this world that I came to realize that is, nothing's permanent. Anything/ anyone can go in a blink of an eye. One morning your talking with a friend or any of your loved ones, then the next thing you know, they're gone. Live a everyday as if it were his or her last. Mend the things that are needed to be mended. Forgive and forget. Hug it out. I know this seems a bit over-reacting but this is reality. The feeling of having unhealed wounds is the worst feeling in the world. So to everyone thay I may have caused trouble, pain, and what not. I am sorry. And please do know that you are loved by me.

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