About Me

Before anything else, I just want to clarify that I'M NOT A PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER. :)) I don't really have a decent solo picture of myself, that's why I chose this one instead. :) So, let's start with the
(FROM MY 2018-self: I chose to retain this hideous photo of me for keepsakes. It's nice to look at something stupid once in a while, right?)
My name is Ann Ong, a 19 year old dreamer and believer (NOT A BELIEBER, sorry) AND a pre-dentistry student. who enjoys and adores ANYTHING BOHEMIAN, INDIE AND HIPSTER. I also enjoy watching old movies, especially the Audrey Hepburn ones, like Sabrina, Funny Face and Roman Holiday. I also enjoy vintage clothes, style and what not. I love editing photos and layouts. I also enjoy doing charity work, going to thrift stores, taking random photographs and going to karaoke places with my friends. I'm a pretty random person, so expect some pretty random posts every now and then. haha. 
(FROM MY 2018-self: Again, I chose to retain the statement above and just insert bi-yearly updates such as this to track on how I've changed, if I did. Though for accuracy:
 a 24 year old 4th year dentistry student by day, couch potato and foodie by night who manages multiple small business ventures while getting extremely broke at the same time. I enjoy and adore anything breezy, simple, indie and hipster still. I still enjoy watching golden films like those Audrey Hepburn ones, Singing in the Rain, and the like. Thought lately I'm into Bollywood rom-coms and Stand-up Comedies, thanks to Netflix! I still edit photos and layouts, sometimes compensated with cash. I still do a lot of thrifting, because it saves the planet! I sometimes take random photos and videos, barely does charity work and karaoke with friends. I'm still pretty random. Pretty and Random. HAH.)

I started blogging summer of '09. Back then I was using my tumblr as my personal blog, though I didn't really consider it as my "personal" blog since I only reblog posts and I didn't really post any personal or daily stuff in there, so...I guess that's not really counted as a personal blog.. :-?. Then one day while I was "blog-hopping" I came across, blogger. Right then and there I created my first blog here on blogger/blogspot which is "365 days of summer" since back then I was thinking of documenting my summer escapades and all. But then, that didn't turn out well for me, so I made my second blog, "oh the snap". At first, I enjoyed posting random stuff in my second blog, but then, it didn't really feel right...like there's something missing. There's no spark or twinkle in my eyes whenever I post in that blog. So, I decided to make my third (and hopefully) my last blog which is this one, "Cirque De La Vie" formerly called as "La Vie Boho"

Have fun reading everyone!