About Me

Before anything else, I just want to clarify that I'M NOT A PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER. :)) I don't really have a decent solo picture of myself, that's why I chose this one instead. :) So, let's start with the
My name is Ann Ong, an 19 year old dreamer and believer (NOT A BELIEBER, sorry) AND a pre-dentistry student. who enjoys and adores ANYTHING BOHEMIAN, INDIE AND HIPSTER. I also enjoy watching old movies, especially the Audrey Hepburn ones, like Sabrina, Funny Face and Roman Holiday. I also enjoy vintage clothes, style and what not. I love editing photos and layouts. I also enjoy doing charity work, going to thrift stores, taking random photographs and going to karaoke places with my friends. I'm a pretty random person, so expect some pretty random posts every now and then. haha. 
I started blogging summer of '09. Back then I was using my tumblr as my personal blog, though I didn't really consider it as my "personal" blog since I only reblog posts and I didn't really post any personal or daily stuff in there, so...I guess that's not really counted as a personal blog.. :-?. Then one day while I was "blog-hopping" I came across, blogger. Right then and there I created my first blog here on blogger/blogspot which is "365 days of summer" since back then I was thinking of documenting my summer escapades and all. But then, that didn't turn out well for me, so I made my second blog, "oh the snap". At first, I enjoyed posting random stuff in my second blog, but then, it didn't really feel right...like there's something missing. There's no spark or twinkle in my eyes whenever I post in that blog. So, I decided to make my third (and hopefully) my last blog which is this one, "Cirque De La Vie" formerly called as "La Vie Boho"

(photo taken for my boho-themed 18th birthday party) 

Basically, from the title itself, this blog is dedicated to the pieces of my life particularly my college life. You'll also be seeing more or less personal posts compared to the things I post when this blog was under the name "La Vie Bohome". Since this is a personal blog, I'll be inserting in some posts about my daily life. I'll be throwing in some sentimental and nostalgic topics such as the blog project, which features things that I'll be missing in high school since I'm in college already. :) I'll be also featuring some songs that I'm currently listening to or addicted to...hihi. Well, basically, that's it. :) I hope you guys enjoy reading my blog.  I'll try to add more buttons so that you guys can choose from a wide range of topics to focus on or something. :) 
Have fun reading, loves! :)